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This sale and the last are designed for easy shopping -- all sales start today and last till July 4th, no need to keep checking in for extra percentages off on flash sales, daily sales and what not like in the old days. No minigames, which have been a mixed bag. A few years ago they partnered with several game makers to integrate some minigames into existing games, and some of those were fantastic. Defense Grid's Alien Breeder was top notch.

Fallout 4 is still too rich for my blood, so I may not end up with anything this time around, but years of pavlovian training have taught me to associate the early days of summer with Steam, so I can't help but check in.

What are you guys getting?

Nuttin', don't have the money or the hardware xD It'd be pointless lol
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Totally understand, but FWIW over the years I've gotten plenty of $1-3 stuff that's better than most of the $15-60 stuff and to boot, runs on crappy hardware. One of my best purchases was (IMO) the only AAA tower defense franchise: Defense Grid. I had never even heard of it when I bought it, but it's fantastic. It's $2.50 right now and I played it into the ground on an old 2008 era Athlon x2 7750 with motherboard integrated graphics (and that was well before APUs stepped up iGPU quality).

There's more good stuff out there that probably runs on even the slowest hardware. If you click on the under $5 and sort by lowest price (this way so you don't end up with a long list of F2P games) there are tons of games less than $1, and a shocking percentage of them are well reviewed.

Now that I'm done hypocritically trying to talk you into buying, I think I'll just go replay some stuff I already own :wink: Actually, I haven't played the original Defense Grid in a while. One of the DLC expansions ("You Monster") comes with GlaDOS thanks to a partnership between the devs and Valve. She always cracks me up.

I haven't played Portal either...
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I envy you that. I wish I could go back in time and ration Portal out a little longer instead of blowing through it so quickly. It's short, but I've never laughed that hard for a game before.
The Cake is a Lie.

I'm still playing Left 4 Dead such a great co-op game so worth the money spent. By the time I give it up Left 4 Dead 3 will arrive.

Portal was great but like you said Short. I still have to play Portal 2. Ive got so many Steam Games I need to get to playing that I'm going to plan for the winter to hit a few of them hard. Dead Space, Fallout, BioShock, and Stalker.

For about 4 months Rocket League was my go to..
I wanna see the new Wolfenstein, that game is great to watch xD
Thanks for the heads up, in the past I've found some pretty good low to mid price games on there, I'll check it out.
IF you really wanna pick up some good games for under $20:

ARK: Survival Evolved


Dead By Daylight


The Forest

Elite Dangerous

AND Under $10:

MS Flight Simulator X

Space Engineers

7 Days to Die

The Long Dark



Bioshock Infinite

Prison Architect

Rebel Galaxy


Enjoy! 😃