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So as far as I can tell LED is the latest monitor craze but I don't really see the difference between LCD and LED except for the price being much higher for LED, my guess is LED isn't that great for gaming but I might be wrong, so how about you have you made the switch to LED yet if so why? If not why?


there is virtually no difference except for the backlight. both screens are the same. led is just a subcategory of lcd. the only difference you might see is in some response times
I think you mean CCFL Versus LED? The pixels on your screen are not visible without being back lit with either a CCFL or LED lighting. Only OLED or Plasma pixels produce their own light.

Heat is a big difference. LED puts off a lot less heat than CFL.

Space not that everyone needs to save a few inches but LED is thinner.

CFL is like a big light bulb it will have a much shorter life span than LED.

LED can be locally dimmed giving higher contrast ratios and deeper blacks where CFL must be lit all the time for you to see the screen.

LED I believe has a much faster refresh rate where you can simulate higher frequency images but don't quote me on this last one.