Any particular recommendations for a i5 6600k video game build? Dont think ill need any more than 750w
Do you have a particular pricepoint in mind?
I'm personally a fan of overkill (see signature below), but if you're after that sweet spot of the ven diagram where Price, Quality, and Sufficiency-to-your-build all overlap: Then we should discuss the EVGA B1 series of Power Supply. They're highly rated, SLI-ready, 80 Plus Bronze rated power supplies that boast numerous awards from tech gurus online for delivering a lot of bang for the buck.

And how much is that buck? Well, NewEgg currently has a 700W option for $60. Which isn't bad at all for a 700w name brand power supply with braided cable sleeves. BUT, this price point does come with some sacrifices: most notably, the cables themselves do not detach from the power supply. So you're going to have some leftover cables tucked away in your case that simply aren't attached to anything. Depending on how OCD you are, or how often you plan on looking inside your case, that issue alone is enough to make some tech guys (such as myself) drop the extra dosh for a modular PSU where I can use just the cables I need.

But worry not - because that extra dosh isn't much, simply dropping another $10, you can get a 750W PSU from the same model series - and that one happens to be modular. AND, by dropping the extra $10, you'll get a $15 mail-in rebate, which actually makes the 750W option $5 cheaper than the 700W.

Anyway: here are the links for you to check out if you're interested... 
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*cough cough* Your links are approved.

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I love the seasonic PSU's I have always had great luck with them. They are a bit on the pricey side, but worth it. 550-650 should be more then enough unless your planning on running a ton of HD's
CPU: Intel i5 6600K – If you are building a gaming PC, this is probably the top notch cpu to choose these days. Sure you could grab an i7 such as the Skylake Intel i7 6700K, but it will cost you around $100+ or more and will provide little benefit for most games. The Intel i5 6600K has four cores running at 3.5 GHz, but is also very easy to overclock well over 4 GHz. This cpu was a part of Intel’s newest 6th cpu generation, codenamed Skylake.
Hi...although your PSU may be just fine, parts due where out over time. If it were my new rig, I'd buy a new PSU to be safe--PSU powers everything and is often overlooked re: importance. It is arguably one of the most important parts. Nearly 10 years you've gotten out of that PSU.

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