Hi this is my first topic but I am considering a new future proofed build. So far I have 6600k in mind, and want something to pair it with the has 3.1c usb and some OC capabilities. Not wanting to break the bank here so less than $200. Theres a ton of choices Asus, Msi, Gigabyte... Not sure what is offering the best value right now.
You may win the current mobo contest going on, but I'll get you options in a bit 😛
Well since I didnt win how about that list of recommendations?

Go to Motherboards. MSI and Asus boards I've heard are decent. EVGA and Gigabyte as well as Asrock are pretty good too. Your best bet, I know this probably sounds terrible, is to go through them yourself. We now have Mobos the offer so many things and their features vary from brand to brand. Find something you'd like using the search tool on the side of the Mobo's page and sift through them. It is hard to give a concise option due to the lack of my experience and just how many good options there are. The options, however, may not be suited to you. That's why I say go through and start sifting xD

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