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I was wondering if cost to repair is cheap or should i just toss it out and get a new better monitor later? I still have two monitors, so its probably not worth the repair.

Monitor left on when i powered off my computer and it seemed to have killed it from powering up now.

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We should do some quick troubleshooting first.

Try a different power cable. Power or no power?

Try a different outlet. Power or no power?

Are any lights coming on at all?

Labor on electronics can stretch into the $60/hr range. And they first need to identify the problem. Is the issue with the panel? The board? And then there will be parts and labor. The price will likely come in under the price of a new monitor... but it has been my experience that these kind of repairs often need follow up work that is going to be an additional expense.

You will probably be better off getting a new monitor.

Yeah, probably better off. With a $200 monitor like yours, there isn't much to be expected with that 😛