I have a 32GB memory card used in my digital camera for about a month. I tried to backup photos from the memory card to my laptop last night, as we just back from a great holiday. I couldn't open the card since it asked me to format it. I had no idea what I should do. I click OK and it tried to format the card, but unluckily, I even failed to format the memory card. "Windows was unable to complete the format" this is what I get! How can I fix the error and repair my card?
Where did you buy it from? Do they have a support center? Who is the manufacturer of the card? See if they have a support center and contact them.



Thank you so much! My email is out and I am very appreciative! I plan to hook my prize up to a SmartTV with a wireless mouse/keyboard maybe. I may do some stress testing too, we will see :tongue: :cool:

No formatting is not the solution, formatting deleted all the stuff, u can use the memory card but can't recover photographs.