Hi all, this is a question regarding overclocking today's bus speeds on mobos. Is it even a thing anymore? A decade or so ago you could overclock the bus speed on a mobo to increase overall performance. Can you still do this or is this no longer a bottleneck for the system? I am using an ASUS M5A99X EVO R2.0 with an AMD RD9x0 chipset. Bus speed is 200 MHz. Does this still refer to the FSB and does it make a difference in performance anymore? Although I am not new to PC tech I am new to overclocking and remember back in the day when FSB was a bottleneck. So is this still true with multi core processors, etc.? thx for listening

well, its not as common anymore I think because it is limited in its effect for the cpu. If you want to slightly up your CPU (by a few 100 mhz) then its safest to use just the FSB. but most commonly its the CPU Multiplier that is used.