S.L Munoz
Hey everyone! I just got my Syber Vapor gaming PC, after it's long journey it's now finally here!

Time to open the package and see what's inside!

Me next to Vapor gaming PC!







Nice! :cool:

The Vapor Gaming PC is a little more bulk than the Xbox one and also longer front to back by two inches. But to tell you the truth visually everything about this gaming pc is what anyone would wish the current gen could have been. It's got color changing lights, flash, lots of power, capable of upgrades and more flash. It also plays games really good too at high resolutions and at 60fps.

I really am impressed by this gaming pc! Many thanks to Hothardware, You guys are the best!:smile:

S.L Munoz
I was playing a couple games on it, Project cars and Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes, i'm going to be busy for a long while! I definitely have a bunch of games waiting to play on it, and luckily steam has a bunch of games on sale too! Good times.:cool:
NICE NICE NICE! Looking good SLM! Nice to see it kicking it in the living room too! :grin:
It does look good. Were you playing GTA on it?
S.L Munoz
@ Dave

Yes the living room is the best place for such an entertainment experience. And also what better place to show it off. :cool:

@ Hawk

Yeah I will try to get around to GTA V, once I download it. I currently have quite a few games queued for downloading. I'm also downloading the latest version of UE4. My Internet connection is really chugging right now. :smile:

You'd have to try games like H1Z1, Rust or DayZ with it and see how that works, with a bigger screen it would be more fun I'd think.
S.L Munoz
I checked out those games, they seem pretty interesting. I haven't gotten into MMOs in a long while though. I'm probably one of last few of the single player gamers, heh. I currently have been playing ori and the blind forest, really beautiful looking side scrolling game. It uses a mixture of 3d and 2d graphics. Trees, water and characters are in 3d.

I'm also checking out alien isolation. Really nice looking graphics too. I post a couple in game screen shots later on when I can.

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Wow that was quick!! Thanks for the update and congrats again! Have fun 😃
An MMO on a console, beside like, Bloodborn, I don't think would work well xD
S.L Munoz
@ manduh

Yeah, I had to right away, everyone asked and I was super cool with it anyways. And thanks again. I will definitely be busy on this new rig.

New GPU technology is already being announced, but to tell you the truth the setup I now got I plan to stay with for at least 5-6 years. 1440p sounds like the sweet spot for this generation, and also pricing wise too.

Will you upgrade its parts @S.L?
S.L Munoz
After 5 or 6 years I probably will, when the generation after hits. I'm getting such great performance now as it is at 1440p, so I see no reason to get a better GPU for this generation.
5 OR 6 YEARS?! You will be outdated by this year Q3! That is the PC world for ya xD
S.L Munoz
For 4k 60fps PC gaming probably so, but not at all for current gen gaming at 1440p, with also loads more of enhancements to boot.

Check this out, Here are some in-game screenshots of Assassin's Creed Unity running right now on my setup. the game runs really smooth at 1440p.

I don't see how anyone wouldn't be content with this for the next 5 or 6 years. i'm going to post up some Alien Isolation Screen shots next, that game also looks insane at 1440p, runs also insane too at 110-120fps at 1440p.

S.L Munoz
Here are some screens of Alien isolation from my gaming rig. it gets 1440p up to 120 fps. (uncapped)