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I'm guessing someone will jump in and buy them before this happens, if it did actually happen. While they do have some hurdles to overcome, having competition in the GPU and CPU market is nice.

Realistically, this is possible. AMD is being overtaken by larger companies like Intel, that are far more advanced than AMD. Whilst AMD has cheaper products, their preformance and overall structure is lacking and Intel doesn't have that issue. Intel has the power to create processors that are much better than AMD's and thus you see this decline of AMD occuring. To try and recover before it is too late, AMD has to step up their game and try to catch up to Intel as far as tech goes. The other thing I can see happening is AMD dropping their processor line entirely and they focus solely on Video Cards, but that may fail. That part of the business is already occupied by NVidia, a current competitor of AMD video cards. Advanced Micro Devices will have to catch up to Nvidia as is. I must say though that AMD has fairly nice video cards from what I've heard, not seen. AMD could be bought out by someone, but whom? Intel may just buy AMD to get into the video card business. I'd like to see what happens if that happens. What are your thoughts?
I really wish AMD could find a decent way of not only promoting themselves better, but just a more on-par product with Intel. I was a big AMD constomer because of affordability and overall performance was acceptable. I am sure someone will pick up AMD, and hopefully for better and not worse. Only time will tell I suppose.
Absolutely, but I still stand by my theories.
they will, the roadmap for next year looks promising, with a return focus on pure performance to compete with Intel again.
So the fact that AMD will be sole supplier of chips and cards for the consoles means nothing for profits? Thats known after Q2 boasted an actual profit. I will venture to say that once Nvidia is able to supply cards again for the console market those profits will go away again. The question is how many years will AMD be in such a position to turn a profit.

I contend that w[censored]ver wrote that hyperbola doesnt watch the tech news enough and therefore are clueless. This spreading of propaganda could be construed as political baiting. Its an unwarranted cry for help to have the facts and clues pointed out for the writer. In essence its trollbaiting.

I also contend that I could be wrong. :cool:

amd may change ownership to another company but nvidia and intel wouldnt be able to take over amd as that would cause a monopoly. i hope amd never has to do that
I hope that's not true, or I may just buy a console come 2020 instead of a new PC because I won't feel like being price-gouged by Intel & Nvidia.
Here's the long and short of it, While in my opinion based on the inferior history Nvidia has with their graphic cards, they are bound to have more problems in the future, AMD has a much better track record when it comes to their graphic cards that fact alone may give AMD the edge they need to surpass Nvidia in sales, that said there are way too many users out there jumping ship and going over to Nvidia's side, I don't know maybe they haven't had the displeasure I have had with their cards, I think when it comes to marketing both have a substantial reach especially in the gaming community but one thing I can tell you is gamers want reliable graphics cards, oh one other thing Nvidia doesn't make CPUs, guess who does?
All I can say is I'm leaning toward getting a 4GB RX 480 for my next build. the thing is that build keeps being put off due to me getting more use from tablets and phones than a full PC.
I would say this isn't that accurate. Stock prices for AMD have consistently been going up for the last year and change, they have major deals for exclusive chip production on major consoles and have been edging out competition in other contracts for big box computer companies. There is no way they are going to go under by 2020.
Since AMD has changed over CEOs, they have been consistently going in the right direction. Lisa Su really seems like she knows what she is doing with that business and has been putting the right people in place to make it happen. Just look at the zen/ryzen chips which has really put them back on pace to actually be a viable contender. This was a major hurdle to get the ball rolling for AMD and consumers in general, but its a great step forward.
I love AMD and hope they won't get bought out by intel. It would be pretty bad for the community if intel were to be the one to get AMD away from competing with them. that x299 was pretty [censored]compared to the x399. seeing the way intel treated their customers make me not even want to buy any of their products but I prob will end up doing so. lul