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Security is getting to be a real nightmare.

A team of anonymous developers who recently created a Linux rootkit that runs on graphics cards has released a new proof-of-concept malware program that does the same on Windows. A Mac OS X implementation is also in the works. 

That is satan's nightmare
Pretty much sucks big time. I used to do everything I could to practice PCM, but things just go deeper and deeper making it so difficult to find the roit of the problem and extract it.

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I suppose that at some point things will get so bad that the industry/gov't will take notice and do something about it. Right now it's highly lucrative for the bad guys.
Probably easy too
seriously.. wtf. thats just ridiculous!
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Not exactly since the GPU can execute arbitary code... Now restricting the malware with regards to not restricting the GPU's powers; that's going to be hard.
How do you fight that thing?
Does it support CUDA cores? smh
:angrydevi While I do appreciate the push to see what's possible, I really wish they would leave some things alone
in many ways thats fantastic, its good to know that we can now start working on a defense sytem, however i also have no doubt that if you can see a proof of concept someone already has a malware form doing SOMETHING, or at least one in the works. now i prefer to think of ways this can be used for good, like pseudo malware, say you voluntarily download a virus that runs specific calculations to help a larger body do multi-computer computing for something. its pretty cool to me and id like to see what comes of it, or ya know..if we find some governmental virus was there all along.
About two weeks ago I noticed some strange bugs in my games, like wrong scaling, incorrect resolution of textures and shadows, VSync out of fuction etc. Using Malwarebytes I found folder located in C:\Users\Tom\AppData\Roaming\Google\Windows Mail which contained files used to bitcoin mining and also malware forcing my gpu to turn on and run on maximum performance when system was idle for some time. I deleted that folder, then I ran other tests with AdwCleaner, RKiller, ESET and Avast, which discovered and deleted another Net worm. But my games were still stuck in this weird graphic so I showed my PC to friend and he found some articles about "GPU assisted malware" and decided that my GPU is simply using wrong algorithm for rendering. So he made me clean windows and drivers installation, than he replaced bios of my GPU for the original one using nvflash. But my gpu still does not work as it should - NVidia DSR factor is broken and my games are still using wrong algorithm ( broken shadows, bitmaps and shaders dont fit, audio out of synchronization, some advanced effects like motion blur, depth of field, SSAA are not working ). I also tried older drivers but nothing helps. Is there something we could forget? Or is my gpu broken forever? I will be bery thankful for any solution because Im starting to feel desperate. My gpu is MSI GTX 1060 6GB and is only 4 months old.