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I'm trying to figure this out because I'm thinking of a 40" but that'll block my cameras view and be too big for me so I'm thinking 30" but it might be too small. This might be an interesting topic for you guys to tackle. 🙂
Mine is a 28" 4K screen and it's plenty big enough. I had to make some adjustments to windows because 3840 X 2160 resolution makes the icons and text so small.
I usually see 27" or 28" no more no less. Quite the budget! lol.

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The thing about 4K is that you need a lot of graphics horsepower to utilize it properly. I have an i7 CPU that's overclocked from 3.4GHz to 4.3GHz.

I'm using two 3GB R9-280X OC GPUs in crossfire with it.

The system runs on SSD drives, so it's optimal in a lot of ways.

With all of this, I can't game at 4K with the eye-candy turned up.

Maybe the new R9-390X will be able to do it, but I suspect it will take two of those to manage high 4K framerates in demanding games.

It's an expensive proposition.

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Originally Posted by: AKwyn 

I'm trying to figure this out because I'm thinking of a 40" but that'll block my cameras view and be too big for me so I'm thinking 30" but it might be too small. This might be an interesting topic for you guys to tackle. :)

I'm using a 65" myself lol

There are LOT of concerns today with 4k gaming... There are scaling issues, the fact that you need SIGNIFICANT graphics horsepower with TONS of video memory to run 4k, etc.

For example... I have a Core i7 4770k, 2 SSDs in a Raid0 (1GB read and write), 2x GTX 770 in SLI, 16GBs of DDR3 2400, and I have to turn a lot of the settings down to play at 4k res. In addition to this, I run into some weird anomalies on the desktop. The HUD in games can be incredibly small and hard to read due to the scaling, and other random issues. Instead, I play games at 1080p and turn the graphics settings to the MAX and they play just fine. I did notice an issue with Dragon Age, crashing if I don't change my desktop res to 1080p before starting the game.

So be prepared to run into these kinds of issues if you take the leap into 4k now. Based on reviews, even GTX 980s in SLI can struggle at 4k with some games... we need the next gen of graphics cards to arrive so we can play at that high of a res!

To answer your question... see here:


and here:


Ok, that would be one hell of a set up. I can't see any need for anything over 23 inches. anything higher than 19" for FPS you are hindering target acquisition. I just don't see why you want anymore unless it is your home entertainment center. just for gaming you'd just benefit from 19-24 more than painful 65".

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Don't get 4k. Go with a 40" 1080p curved screen put the camera behind the monitor and wait until 4k monitors are a more viable option. Right now, as mentioned previously, there isn't that much hardware that can handle 4k. You best bet is to wait about 2-3 years, and get hardware to suit 4k, then get it. 🙂
I game on two 27" screens for two PCs, and a 28" 4K screen on the third PC.

Both of the 27" screens are 1080P, and the 28" 4K screen is usually set to 1440P.

I don't know if a huge screen would be any good for my use, but the 28" is good to go..

Curved monitors are good.
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Originally Posted by: venser 

... painful 65".

LOL! It's the TV in my living room and I have my gaming PC (Xbox One, PS4, and Cable TV) hooked up to it. I sit about 8 or so feet away :-P

The TV can do 4k at 60hz or 1080p @ 120hz. But my computer can't push 4k at 60hz with graphics turned up in most games so I mostly game at 1080p.

Are you using a display port connection with the TV?
30 would be enough. I use 30 and it's quite good for me.
My screen does 60Hz @ 4K resolutions. It was hard for my two 280X OC cards to do it, but I just ordered three R9-290X Tri-X cards and I'm sure that they'll be able to do the job.
Should have gotten 1 Fury X 😛