My Friends, HERE are a few pictures of my new build! I wanted to share with everyone. My case is a Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced Blue edition. I custom painted it with Arctic Blue metal flake enamel. I like the unique 2 tone Blue & black scheme, which is what I wanted. This case did not come with air filters. I had to add DEMCiflex filters which work pretty well. I also added 4 Logisys Blue Meteor lights. The PSU is a Corsair AX1200I. Memory is 32 GB of HyperBeast 2400. I decided to go with a Cooler Master Nepton 140XL CPU cooler. My Sound Card is a 'Sound Blaster Z X R. Video card is a Sapphire HD 7970 3GB GDDR5. I'm using a 256 GB Samsung 850 Pro Series SSD. I decided to go with Windows 7 ultimate on it, probably upgrade to 10 soon - as soon as it's mature. I already used Acronis 14 to back everything up to my old SSD, so restoring it would be a snap if Windows 10 gets weird on me. I've got a few games I'm trying Murdered, Soul Suspect, Darksiders, & finally Saints Row IV. Of course there no reason to do any OC the CPU is at 4.7 GHz stock! Its a fast, responsive machine, and it was a real pleasure to cobble together. Next we build my wife's machine. I apologize I would've posted these pictures sooner but we've been busy with the birth of a Grandchild, plus, it took me a while to assemble all the parts!

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Nice work, brother! Looking good! Post a benchmark or two maybe? 🙂
Thanks Dave! I appreciate that. As I said I had a lot of fun putting everything together.

For a benchmark I ran Sisoftware 2015. I think it did pretty good overall. Here are the results:

Local Rank #2,679

Position Higher than 96.47% ranked results

Points 96

Score 13.42kPT

Qualification Excellent Performance ;)

Created 09:39:43

Individual Results

Processor Arithmetic 99.25GOPS

Processor Multi-Media 275.52Mpix/s

Processor Cryptography (High Security) 3.12GB/s

.NET Arithmetic 35.29GOPS

.NET Multi-Media 34.97Mpix/s

Memory Bandwidth 19.71GB/s

Data Cache/Memory Latencies (In-Page Random Access) 62.2ns

File System Bandwidth 368.65MB/s

File System I/O 9509.9IOPS

GP (GPU/CPU/APU) Processing 2725.35Mpix/s

GP (GPU/CPU/APU) Cryptography (High Security) 35.12GB/s

GP (GPU/CPU/APU) Memory Bandwidth 32.44GB/s

Certification Valid Result: Small Deviation (within Primary 68% Confidence Interval)

Expected Score Range (Confidence Interval) 8.89kPT - 24.03kPT

Aggregated Results 24

Observed Score Range (Sample Interval) 16.46kPT (8.07kPT - 16.46kPT)

Standard Deviation ±3.79kPT

Variation Coefficient (CV) 23.00%

Dispersion Index (VMR) Low Variation of Results: Under-dispersed results

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Name / Version SiSoftware Sandra 19.40

Registered Yes


Overall Score (2013) Overall Score (2013)

Individual Result


Result ID Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 (AMD FX-9590 Eight-Core Processor; ATI RD890 PCI to PCI bridge; 2x 16GB Kingston KHX2400C11D38GX ; Samsung SSD 850 PRO 256GB; AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series)

Component Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3

Brand Gigabyte

Number of Devices / Threads 1 / 8

State Normal

Speed 4.72GHz

Performance vs. Speed (aka Speed Efficiency) 2.85kPT/GHz

Power 469.6W

Performance vs. Power (aka Power Efficiency) 0.03kPT/W

Capacity 35.00GB

Capacity vs. Power (aka Size Efficiency) 0.07GB/W

I bought a new monitor to go with this system, admittedly it isn't 4K, but I think it Rocks!  Pretty cool huh?

Huh, that is a nice panel actually. Funky base on it but still kinda cool!
Its so Star Trek! I mean, I could expect to see it on Captain Picard's desk in his ready room! LOL! I did my homework on this monitor, the screen actually pivots very well in either direction, Tilt: 0 - 20 Degree, very flexible. Its got many pluses too, like 120 Hz, 3D capable for movies, games. It works. 🙂
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Very nice starwhite!!
This monitor for me is perfect. I've held off on 4K until the specs & hardware are a bit more mature.