I have bought some Blu-ray and DVD discs, and at the same time, I have recorded dozens of camcorder files in AVCHD. I am looking for a toolbox to rip my Blu-rays and DVDs for use on iPad and surface, and convert video files to MPEG for Microsoft surface and iPod air. Any advice?
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Im not sure about the disc ripping (I dont think it's legal anyhow), but for converting your recordings you could use Freemake Video Converter. I've been using it for years to convert from and to various formats.
Another good option for conversion is Handbrake ( For simple editing of videos you've taken yourself I am a fan of Avidemux (

For making legal backups of your blu-rays/dvds you might try Slysolf's AnyDVD HD its not free but it sure does do the job pretty well.