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Apple has been taking its time trying to figure out what to do with its $3 billion acquisition of the Beats brand. Last week, the company announced that it would be launching the first set of headphones, the Solo2 Wireless, since the acquisition. But now, it seems Apple has decided what to do with Beats Music.

According to sources that spoke to the Financial Times, Apple will include the Beats app with the latest update for the iOS operating system for both iPhones and iPads. The Financial Times went on to say that users could see the update delivered, with the revamped Beats Music, as soon as March. Subscriptions, which was reported back in October that could cost $5 per month, for the service might also be tied to fingerprint-based authorization through the use of Touch ID.

If the service is automatically uploaded to Apple’s mobile devices, this would give the music streaming service access to the hundreds of millions of consumers who own Apple’s mobile devices making it a threat to other streaming services such as Spotify. However, those same services have come under scrutiny following the removal of Taylor Swift’s entire music catalogue from Spotify for the reason that the artist wasn’t being paid enough in royalties.

What do you think of Beats Music making its way onto your Apple mobile device?

actually.. they should return it for a full refund


Would make sense since they cost like 12$ to make per unit

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I don't want it on my phone! It better be just listed in Settings like Facebook and Twitter are and not an actual app you can't remove from the home screen.


Well, they bought them. Would make no sense if they didn't use them. That being said, both are overpriced, and underwhelming, so no thanks.

Well, they made Ellen their figurehead, then they realized spotify and pandora are better 🙂
Kryptic (IronSquid)
They should allow you to able/disable it via the settings page just like Nike+. Otherwise, this service would just be annoying.