Dude don't do crack and type..... people buy iphone because they believe they are the best. That said Woz was dead on, i moved from iphone 3 to Samsung G1 and loved it, its still going after almost 4 yrs my father inlaw users it. My sister who loved iphones moved to the note 3 because just simply loves the big screen. I phone 6 finally got it right however it is simply too high for what you get.


People also need to remember that iphone is only 12% of the global market share, 8% between apple and windows, 73 between apple and android. I it is funny how IOS is perceived as the top phone OS. Each year they are losing ground and Woz is saying that they were just too late thats why they have lost so much market share.


Shawn Merrill U mean 16mp for S5!! (S4 had 13mp)!