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If you look over the most recent data from International Data Corporation (IDC), you'll see that Apple's share of the global smartphone market declined from 12.9 percent to 12 percent in the past year. Meanwhile, Samsung's stake is now almost twice that of Apple's at 23.8 percent. Granted, Samsung sells a lot more models than Apple does, but even so, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak believes the Cupertino company made a misstep by waiting this long to release a bigger size smartphone.

"Apple could have had a much bigger share of the smartphone market if it had a larger screen iPhone for the past three years," Wozniak told CNNMoney. "It could have competed better with Samsung."


That's easy to see in retrospect, though Apple should have come to the same conclusion much sooner than now. All it had to do was look at the competition -- high-end handsets in the Android camp have been boasting bigger size displays for several years now, and not just from Samsung. And as a result, Android is by far the most popular mobile OS on the planet.

Back in late 2011 and throughout much of 2012, Apple's top-end model was the iPhone 4S. It still touted a 3.5-inch display, the same as every previous model, while most Android handsets had already forged past 4 inches and climbing. And while the size of the original Galaxy Note was questioned early on, it didn't take long to discover that there existed a market for phablet devices.

To Apple's credit, it did finally bump up to 4 inches with the release of the iPhone 5, and the iPhone 6 series ups the ante even more with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch options. But as far as the Woz is concerned, it's just a shame it took Apple so long to see the light.

The overall saturation of Android is thanks to the dirt cheap crap phones available off contract, a dozen manufacturers, and tons of models. Flood the market to gain popularity and all you end up with is mostly junk and the need to throw it away after 6 months. There's a reason iPhones keep their value for so long, while any Android after 6 months is only worth half what it originally started at


Woz he talking about? Woz does this mean? I don't know woz to think about this.


Andrew Fort, obviously you've never owned a galaxy phone. They last longer than your contract bruh. Apple is indeed 3 years late. Have fun with your 8mp camera, and under 2GHz processor. Lawlz


Yet you end up paying more for an underpowered phone that is outdated the day it comes out


David Painton, when the hell did I say I own an iPhone. I own an LG G2. And I'd never own a Samsung. I see those fail far more often than any other Android phone. Lawlz. Have fun making more assumptions next time.


They aren't unpowered lol, a dual core can be a lot faster than a quad. In fact the new iPad stomps everything on the market, even the k1 and it only a triple core.


That's 8mp takes outstanding pictures just as good as my co-workers 13mp Galaxy s5. It's not all about megapixels.


They are definitely underpowered .. overpriced and behind the times


I'm sure they do look just as good on that 4" screen. However.... I feel as if most forget what a megapixel means. Your pictures only look good relative to the display you're viewing them on.


Let's just say when I get pics from iphones, they're all grainy because their camera is definitely not as good. Sorry, but I don't care about printing pictures out. Nobody does that anymore.


Or displaying. I don't know anyone that does that either.


Sucks to be in whatever market you're in. Everyone I know has Samsung, and no one has had a single problem. Also if you have such a hardon for Apple, why do you own an LG G2? Go hop on that bandwagon bro. They need all the mindless followers they can get.


Shawn Merrill duals can be more powerful than quads yes. But why would you put out a dual when all other current gen androids are going quad?


My samsung s3 and samsung s3 mini take great photos and still are going strong.