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Ah, nothing says "I love you" like...99 iPhone 6 handsets arranged in a heart? Yeah, we think not. Unfortunately, a Chinese programmer somehow came up with the not-so-brilliant idea of spending around $82,000 on the aforementioned smartphones as part of a horribly conceived marriage proposal on November 11, otherwise known and celebrated as "Singles' Day" in China.

The poor fellow (literally, the dude might be poor after spending two years worth of salary on the 99 iPhones) gathered a group of friends to stand around in a circle as he and his girlfriend took center stage inside the iPhones arranged in a giant heart. We're not sure what that many smartphones have to do with marriage, and apparently the gesture was lost on his girlfriend as well.

iPhones Heart
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She answered "No," and in that instant, she also provided hilarious fodder for Twitter, which has been raining down jokes at his expense. However, our own Sean Knight might have the best observation, as he points out, "One could say that he now has 99 problems and a wife ain't one." Ouch.

To alleviate the risk of making fools out of ourselves as well, we have to point out the possibility that this was staged. Probably not by Apple -- the Cupertino outfit prefers to leave prototypes in bars when seeking publicity -- but perhaps a phone retailer in the area. Either way, it wouldn't be the first time that a botched proposal turned out to be fake, though they usually occur at sporting events as part of the in-game entertainment.

On the upside, he's gained a lot of free time to update the software on those things.


well she wanted 100 put he could only afford 99


That's a pretty stupid way to propose


First of all there r no iPhone 6s in this world


@AaradhyaRaut Clearly you have never been to china.


Well I have to give him credit for trying in his own Geekly manner. I think that spending two years salary on expensive Iphones isn't terribly bright. If she had said yes, and they started a family they'd be poor and any Children might go hungry (theres always the welfare I guess) because Daddy mismanaged his finances. I suppose HE could resell them and recoup some of the revenue. What women could respect that? Small wonder she said No.

Super Dave

She obviously prefers Android.

Was this guy trying to prove he is rich?