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Apple should really consider developing an excuse generator that it could plop on its mobile devices as a native app. Think about it -- is there any company that's better at coming up with excuses when things go wrong? Dropped calls on your iPhone 4? You're holding it wrong. Purple streaks in your photos taken with the iPhone 5? Stop pointing it directly at the sun. Bent iPhone 6? That's only happened nine times, or so Apple says. However, a website that's been collecting photos of bent iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices shows that the actual number of instances might be in the several hundreds, but who's counting?

The blog is cheekily called "One of the Nine," an obvious jab at Apple for claiming that it's only received nine complaints about bent iPhone 6 models. Anyone who posts a photo of their warped iPhone 6 is considered one of the nine, which is really one of the 327 and counting (at the time of this writing). Some of the entries contain descriptions of how their iPhones ended up getting bent out of shape.

Bent iPhone
Image Source: One of the Nine

"Just normal front pocket use. Apple wont replace it. Says it's my fault. And this is not even the Plus," one user writes.

Want to see what 300 bent iPhone 6s look like in one video?

Reading through the stories reveals that it's hit or miss as to whether Apple will replace a bent iPhone. It depends on the circumstance, what the user was doing, how badly it's bent, and just plain luck. If you own an iPhone 6 that ended up bending and want it replaced, your best bet might be to provide as little detail as possible, as it seems that there's a tendency to blame the bends on accidental damage caused by the user. In other words, yet again, you might be holding it wrong.

Just spent a long weekend in the mountains with a bunch of friends. Everyone but me had an iphone. None were bent, though only one was without a case and the owner is meticulous with his care. I was glad when the 2nd article posted that the number of bent phones was significantly less than originally reported. It's a shame it's not so true.

Most people I see use massive, strong cases for their phone. I wonder if the reports are rare simply because of this.

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No one i know with an iPhone 6/plus, which is everyone, has bent one yet. I think it is something that requires a slight design change to fix, however 327 bent phones out of the 20+ MILLION phones sold is a very small and insignificant number!!!!!!!!!! VERY VERY small!! I think there were more people complaining about Dell laptops that smelled like cat urine than this. It has been only 6 weeks since release though and even less for the Pus so these numbers can grow over time but to how many? Apple won't care about 500 bent phones a month for 1-2 years if they are still selling millions a month.


Come on guys...


I may only have my master's degree in physics, but I'm fairly sure 327 is a bigger number than 9.


Glad I dumped my iPhone for an LG G3,much better phone


327 is a tiny defect rate compared to what they sold.


And 327 are just the number of people this tiny source site collected.


Are you speaking to us or Apple?


I have the 6 (not plus) with an Otterbox.. no bending here.


Sorry, but dont stick an ENORMOUS PHONE in your pocket!! I looked at the +... and I dont know how anyone can use it! just get an iPad lol :)


Out of curiosity, I checked my stepdaughter's iPhone 6 Plus, which is what we used for the video portion of our review. Since then, she's dropped it a few times, had it in her back pocket, and more recently put it in a case. There's not the slightest hint of a bend -- it lays completely flat.


I'm speaking to Apple for doing a 6 Plus simply maxing the iPhone 6 without the right testing. And I'm talking to you, because this type of posting i pathetic...


OK, so you recommend we not report on the gross misrepresentation that Apple has made relative to real issues with their product? Not sure what's more "pathetic." Not doing proper QA testing or trying to sweep it under the rug.


I think the reason the number isn't higher is the majority of people put their phone in a case, even though it completely counters having a thin phone in the first place.


This things happens everyday. Even with Samsung (in other type of issues), Motorola, HTC (never blamed over their sucking software), WIndows Phone (which is not acceptable), and so on...

Reporting over Apple faults is the great way to take views, beacause Apple is the most valuable brand in the world. And talking about them will increase their value. Apple will correct this issues in iPhone 6s, people will buy them. They will make money, this post remains old and pathetic. Let's talk about Intel corrupting reviews over AMD products in seems a more interesting news to me.