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Apple iPad Air 2 Review: Should You Upgrade?Most are in agreement that Apple's iPad Air 2 is one of the finest tablets ever produced, if not the best out there, period. Certainly, it's not difficult to make that case -- after all, the latest 9.7-inch iPad is thinner than its predecessor at just 6.1mm thick, wicked fast with its custom A8X System-on-Chip (SoC), and incredibly light at just under a pound. Toss in a gorgeous display and a set of ancillary features that have been upgraded for this latest release, and even the most stringent critics can't help but pile on the praise.

That's the easy part. What's a bit more difficult to address is whether or not you should upgrade to the iPad Air 2. Obviously the answer depends in part on which tablet, if any, you currently own. But there's also the question of what you intend to do with it...

Apple iPad Air 2 Review: Should You Upgrade?
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Thinner than it's predecessor. Why is thinner 'better'? Hasn't apple learned anything from 'bendgate'? Guess not. Granted, no one wants to carry a flippin brick around, but the previous model wasn't all that hefty.


Bendgate got blown out of proportion. But regardless of that, we didn't detect any structural weaknesses in the iPad Air 2. Just the opposite -- it feels like a solid, premium device. So to answer your question, thinner is better because it's less bulk while remaining structurally sound. I'd also argue that there's room for improvement -- it's still a bit too heavy to hold one-handed for any length of time, like you can do with a similarly sized magazine.


OMG those physical details are quite impressive. Less than 1 pound and only 6.1 mm thick? That is very appealing.


I was impressed with the Air 2. If only Apple priced it $100 less for the base 16GB model, I would be sold hands-down. Still, it's an impressive little machine.


I suppose if you don't (wouldn't fit regardless!) put it in your front pocket, you're fine.  Bendgate is probably overblown I agree.  In truth I was sold with the faster processor & new features. I will probably get one.