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LG didn't just come out with another run-of-the-mill 4K monitor. Instead, the South Korean electronics maker dropped the gauntlet by introducing its 31-inch 31MU97 with an In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel and Digital Cinema 4K resolution, which trumps all those Ultra HD monitors out there by more than half-a-million pixels.

The 31MU97 boasts a 4096x2160 resolution across a 31-inch display, compared to most Ultra HD monitors running at 3840x2160. And of course it blows away Full HD 1080p panels that run at 1920x1080 or 1920x1200. Combined with an IPS panel that supports over 99.5 percent of the Adobe RGB color space and a 10-bit color depth supporting over 1 billion colors, picture quality should be superb on the 31MU97.

LG 31MU97

"LG’s Digital Cinema 4K Monitor presents the company with an excellent opportunity to solidify our leadership in the global professional monitor market," said Hyoung-sei Park, head of the IT business division at LG Electronics. "This monitor’s high-end features and functions make it the perfect solution for professionals who require a top-of-the-line monitor with all the technology currently available."

Indeed, this is a feature-packed monitor. It has a Dual Color Space mode that allows the monitor to display two different color modes at once (in case you want to view different perspectives of your work side-by-side), supports pivot (into landscape mode) and height adjustments, has two built-in 5W speakers, and is compatible with Macs if you use a mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable.

As for connectivity options, LG's monitor has two HDMI ports, a DisplayPort, a mini DisplayPort, four USB 3.0 ports, and a headphone out jack.

The 31MU97 is available now for $1,400 MSRP.

This is an awesome monitor. Its only a short period of time before everything will be broadcast in 4K, sure it'll take a few years, but already you tube & Netflix are streaming some video in 4K. The one I'm dreaming of will have display port 1.3, 120 Hz, maybe 240 Hz, Oled display. The detail & clarity just pop out at you. 3D will be passive with 4K. Its worth it.


Actually cheaper than what I thought it would be, but still a bit pricey.


OK, I think they need to take my money now. :)


This would be well worth it if I ~had~ the money,............LOL!


I would like to see how this compares to the performance of Dell's 4k and better displays. Maybe HH will be lucky enough to get some test models in.


now THAT would nice to have.


No refresh mentioned so of course it's probably 60hz. After switching up from 1080 60hz to 1440 100hz+ monitor I won't go back to 60hz even for 4k. So until they come out with a higher refresh rate 4k monitor I'll stick with 1440 that I have now. Very happy with my Overlord computer catleapesk 27" 1440p IPS monitor.


*Finally,* a quality true 4K monitor. But there's one thing that's suspect: Is it a DisplayPort 1.3 monitor or a DisplayPort 1.2 monitor?