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Asus G751 Gaming Laptop: Mobile Maxwell Done RightThe PC laptop market is a funny place. Good laptops are fairly easy to find, but great laptops are staggeringly rare. This is true even at the boutique end of the market, where manufacturers have a tendency to choose powerful components, but cram them into a chassis that can't handle the heat without sounding like a jet turbine, or pick great, quiet hardware but opt for a sub-par 1080p screen whose quality leaves something to be desired.

The Asus G751 is not a good laptop. The G751 is a great laptop. It is, in fact, the single best gaming laptop I have ever reviewed. If you're in the market for a system of this type, we hope you read on. This machine is powered by the excellent, Maxwell-based NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M, but Asus deserves a significant amount of credit for the G751's design and construction choices...

Asus G751 Gaming Laptop: Mobile Maxwell Done Right


It's so perfect QQ too bad the price is so high :(

Joel H

This laptop might be worth it, and I don't say that often.

I mean yes, it's expensive. But I feel like you're actually paying for quality.


Thanks Joel H. I agree, great gaming laptops are hard to find. And equipped with a 980M, the price is reasonable. You find similarly priced laptops on the market that offer a lot less!

I am disappointed that the speaker is located on the bottom, which will result in muffled acoustics.

Joel H

The speaker output is fine. I had no troubles gaming on it with no headphones at all. Game audio and dialog are perfectly clear.

I'm not saying it sounds like a live symphonic performance, but for laptop speakers it's plenty good enough.


I would agree with that too.


It's too bad the CPU ISN'T upgradeable! I want the option of putting a 4940MX Extreme CPU in it, either at purchase or as a future upgrade. This way the laptop can have not only a GPU power advantage to regular laptops, but the CPU as well. With the revised cooling, it ought to handle the heat of a 4940MX.

Also with the cooling design, the screen can't tilt much past 90 degrees, right?