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A decade-old lawsuit against Comcast, accusing the company of overcharging television subscribers, has come to an end. The initial settlement, pending court approval, will have Comcast pay $16.67 million in cash to former and current subscribers living in Philadelphia and four other Pennsylvania counties.

However, given that there are around 800,000 people included in the settlement means the settlement will amount to a little over $20 per subscriber. However, the cable company will be offering current subscribers up to $33.33 million in services in the form of a $15 bill credit, free internet upgrades, or movies that will be worth up to $43.90.

Last year, the Supreme Court dismissed an earlier version of the lawsuit that covered 2 million subscribers. In the previous lawsuit, Comcast was also accused of attempting to monopolize the cable TV market in Philadelphia and that the company was unfairly raising the prices by acquiring rivals or swapping coverage areas. However, the lawsuit was dismissed based on the reason that it was unable to show that subscribers had suffered in any way.

The settlement for the current iteration of the lawsuit will cover Comcast customers in Philadelphia along with Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania who have subscribed to other video programming services or who did so between 2003 and 2008.

Maybe now Comcast will stop [censored]around.


Comment will never stop because they basically own the industry in this company. I subscribe to them because I basically have no other choice if I want good solid internet. Being that I run a small business and a lot of my work comes through the internet on my website and or one of the portals I go through for it I have no real choice but to have a solid internet. I did try Uverse with AT&T which in all respects is a joke compared.

It actually worked good for about a week until my neighbor whom I recommended it to got it at my recommendation because of the pricing and credits they gave you if you subscribed then my internet reliability and speed dropped roughly 40%.

I have actually also worked for both providers and know the backbone of their service as well as general per subscriber capabilities of course I worked for the Comcast first but either way I was a field engineer for both as well as subscribing for a short amount of time to Uverse (unluckily before I had worked for the for a year and therefore blindly) you basically have either these two as a choice where I live Charter which is the other cable provider available in some places in the state but not where I live, and or a DSL that runs through a different provider off of ATT's lines which will by default be less capable than AT&T.

There are a couple areas in Georgia where Google fiber is available and a couple where Verizon FIOS is available. For the large part though Comcast owns the high speed internet where I live and I would assume where most others live at least by the numbers if not for the whole country. When they buy out Time Warner (not to mention they bought out NBC Universal) as they are being allowed to do by our bought and paid for political system and representatives they will be a Monopoly for sure.

In all unless we do something with our current completely owned by the corporate and rich families political system which would take us all in a majority voting outside of the Republican and Democratic party both of which are so corrupted as to never be trustworthy in any realistic way we will have the same as we do now and therefore no real choices but the better of the very minimal providers available to us in our specific location.

As far as it goes Comcast will probably just give some minor credits to a few thousand people and then repeatedly appeal this until in the end the only ones who got anything of any substantial amount were the lawyers.

Believe it or not my electric provider was sued in the same way after several years of back and forth repeals and court cases we had $2.20 credited back to our accounts and of course by then the prices and other corruption were just raised and of course re-initiated because the same people and or friends of theirs had taken over the electrical provider.

So in the end nothing has really changed and in the future it will all be the exact same thing that happens here as Comcast is one of a very few companies which own our country outright just like locally the electrical company owns the political and therefore legal system I live in personally!


Comcast offered me a great deal: $99 for tv and internet. I switched.

The cost: $143 per month after they add on all the fees they neglected to mention in the $99 offer.

So I went back to Dish to see what they would offer. They said they could offer a steep discount.

The offer: $20 more than I had been paying before I switched.

In other words, competition is an illusion.


50 million is nothing to them