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Dell's Alienware division has a knack for making a splash with PC system design, whether it's their big, bad unapologetic notebooks, unique X51 small form-factor PCs, or their no-holds-barred Area-51 killer gaming rigs. In fact, for some folks, Alienware designs can be an either "you love it or hate it" affair. Full disclosure: personally, we tend to be cut from the former affectionate group of performance enthusiasts that generally favor Alienware's outside-the-box design efforts -- and oh boy, Alienware's recent redesign of the Area-51 is way outside the box.  

In fact, it's not really even a box at all, it's what Dell's Alienware design team calls a "Triad" design.

With 45-degree angled front and rear face plates, that are designed to direct control and IO up toward the user, as well as cool airflow in, with backside warm airflow directed up and away from the rear of the chassis, this machine grabs your attention right away. There's nothing else like it on the market currently... GO NOW.

Wow. Just wow. This is the weirdest shaped exterior for a desktop I've seen yet... Doesn't look like it's very portable but if you never plan on moving it I don't see why not.


Not that I would ever buy Alienware (price is too high for what you get) but this is a very impressive system. I wouldn't load out a system like this, since there seems to be way to much money sunk into the video cards. Could have dropped one and gotten a second or larger SSD (or both). Performance wouldn't even drop in most use cases. But then I'm really more of a single powerful GPU kinda guy.

Not the first crazy system out of one of the big names I have seen ether. Does anyone else remember the HP Blackbird 002?


The HP Blackbird 002 was a gaming and high-performance PC built by HP’s Voodoo Business Unit. It launched on September 2007 and won over 10 Editor’s Choice awards, one from C-NET, which gave it a 9.3 out of 10. voir housse ipad air 2


That is an amazing setup and massive horsepower!!!! Nice review :)


Oh gorgeous....


Smart move from Alienware to to release something so unique once in awhile. Because the argument of price to hardware IS so old, coming out with something like this triad design gives enthusiasts another reason to spend a little extra on their rig.

I was on the fence when I first saw this over a month ago, but after letting it marinate a bit it's really grown on me.


I believe the correct and technical term for this is "f*cking ugly".



alkarnur wrote:

I believe the correct and technical term for this is "f*cking ugly".

yeah its odd... and the pics dont really let you see how HUGE it is... no thanks 😉 well... I wouldnt say no if they gave me one, I would just put it in a real case


Couldn't disagree with you more on this. In fact, it's actually slightly smaller than a full size ATX chassis and not really that big. It's a big gaming PC but as full-sized ATX chassis go, it's not big.


I've seen the Blackbird and I like this better, actually.


I still just think of the iTrashCan when I see this. Reminds me of a shuttle PC. Or the people who cram PCs into toasters or other random objects. I'm still waiting on my coconut shell design PC case to be functionally feasible.


That monitor is completely inappropriate for this rig.

For an nVidia-driven gaming machine, to use a monitor that does not support G-Sync or ULMB, only does 60hz and is 8ms gray-to-gray is a BIG deficiency.

A rig like this which is primarily for gaming is crying out for something like the Asus PG278Q, not some big slow office productivity screen.


Relax... this is a 24-inch 4K panel and gaming on it was just fine actually. G-Sync would be great but we're looking to get performance numbers primarily.


I want one! This is just too sweet! This rig is very well designed, and should provide maximum happiness to whomever gets one. The intelligently designed airflow is innovative and bold. More color schemes might be nice, other than that, its a work of art.  I know what I want Santa to bring me!