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p ">Verizon offers and a three-fold increase compared to AT&T at the same price point.

"This entry-level sharable data allowance reinforces Sprint’s commitment to offering customers the best value in wireless," said Marcelo Claure, Sprint CEO. "We’re offering customers a choice – whether they need a small amount of data or are a high-end data user."

Sprint HTC Evo 4G

Verizon's $20 per month plan comes with a 500MB data allotment, while AT&T sets the ceiling at just 300MB. Prior to this new plan, Sprint capped its shared data at 600MB. Now it's 1GB for the same price for up to 10 lines of service. It also includes unlimited talk and text while on the Sprint network.

This is the latest attempt by a wireless carrier to undercut the competition by throwing more data at the situation. Plans aren't necessarily getting cheaper these days, but the data ceiling keeps rising. It's not limited to just light data users, either.

If a customer switches their number to Sprint,a family with up to 10 lines can get 20GB of shared data along with unlimited talk and text for $100 per month through 2015.

If only Sprint's network didn't suck.


That's how they can offer you the savings per gig. Because it takes you that much longer to get to your cap on their slower network. (said by a Sprint customer me)

Super Dave

Now we just need T-Mobile to step-up and stick it to ALL of them! [:D]


how is that a good thing?


I pay 130 a month for 2 iPhones, 1 iPad and 10gb of monthly data.