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It has been a few weeks since Microsoft released its Technical Preview of Windows 10 -- which means we've had enough time to walk around the vehicle, kick the tires, and investigate the product in its current form. After the drubbing that Windows 8 took in the tech press and from angry users, Microsoft badly needs this new operating system to be a success, but simply cramming the Start menu back into the OS isn't going to cut it.

Don't mistake us here. It's still important to evaluate Windows 10 as a work-in-progress but we're going to be more critical of the little things this time around. The good news is, there are significantly fewer issues to talk about.

So what has Microsoft been up to all this time beyond the Start menu's triumphant return?  Let's take a look...

I've never really had a lot of issues with Windows 8.1, but I'm still watching what goes on with 10. The start menu being back is nice, but hopefully 10 avoids compatibility issues that I've seen with 8.1 (looks at Sony Movie Studio 13)

Joel H

I really like 10 so far. I'd like to see them fix the store, but that's my major gripe.


There are task-bar problems with mine,.......I set it up the way I like it, and then lock it. Next time I boot it's back to stock settings.

It's a real PITA.

Then, MS pushed an update to my PC and it crashed about two hours later. 


I am also really liking the build so far, only problem i have is some blank icons on a new taskbar tab i have loaded. Other then that I really love the look and feel of the OS.


I am excited to see that there are changes like most of these as it shows ms is listening. That said it's a shame it took this long for these sorts of changes; some if the major issues for win 8 could have been foreseen if they weren't trying to use it as a billboard for 'new' (useless on desktop) technology. Don't get me wrong metro is great when used where it should be.


I can't wait to try Windows 10. I think Microsoft is actually listening to real people about the OS this time. I think its going to be a winner.


OK after actually installing it and using it for a few days I have disabled the Start menu that everyone wanted back and gone back to the Start Screen. The notifications area is nice but why do they need to popup as well as show up there, I 'd like to disable the popup and just make the notification icon flash. Other than that its doing everything i need it to.

Start Menu is the basic need of users Microsoft has fulfilled on Windows 10.Other than this, you will find advance features to make this OS competent to the enhancement coming in the future.

Multi Desktop will be key for the users who perform too many tasks at the same time. You see the Task view button on the taskbar.

Enhanced Snap feature in which 3 modes are added.

Windows Store is the another field of customization. Now you would run the Windows store and apps just like the files and folders on your Windows 10 PC. You will Minimize it on the taskbar.

Beyond Start Menu , you get some changing in command prompt. Here you can paste commands after copying it from text files.Look and menus are also refined.

Data Sense is absolutely new tool name wise lets you watch the drives sizes and how much they are filled with data. [img]null[/img]

Anyone actually like the new behavior of one Drive in the current builds of Windows 10? I much preferred the way it worked in Win8/8.1 where you could preview the remote files but they were marked as being offline in case you happened to be offline. Now they seem to want you to synch One drive folders to your computer which can be a pain if you have limited storage like some Windows tablets have. Just venting.