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In the wake of former NSA contractor Edward Snowden's big reveal on government spying, there's been a concerted effort by companies big and small to try and make our lives truly private. One seemingly promising solution was Anonabox, a little plug-and-play device that routes traffic through Tor to keep our online activities anonymous. Unfortunately, we were all misled on a number of levels, prompting Kickstarter to remove the project forever. Hot on its heels is Project Sierra, a network encryption device that's supposedly the real deal.

Project Sierra is described as being a consumer-grade, Android-based, plug-and-play network device that connects to a global network. In doing so, you can surf the Internet anonymously and have all of your network traffic encrypted. There are other solutions that perform similar tasks, but unlike those, Project Sierra is both affordable and easy to use -- just plug it into your modem and you're good to go.

Project Sierra

The developers behind the project are well aware of Anonabox and how it left users feeling burned and betrayed. They're also sensitive to any comparisons between that failed project and their own Kickstarter project.

"In addition to misleading backers about the origins of the product, Anonabox also had a fatal trait- the router’s settings left its wireless network completely open, leaving consumers vulnerable to hackers. Project Sierra Network runs your IP address through third party proxy servers to allow you secure and anonymous web access- so you can surf the internet with your mind at ease, knowing your activity is safe from hackers," Project Sierra explains.

Why not just use a browser add-on that does the same thing? You can, but those only protect your browser traffic. Project Sierra goes the extra mile by protecting chat applications, email clients, and anything else that goes online.

At present, Project Sierra has secured about $5,000 in pledges towards a stated goal of $150,000 with 8 days left to go. While not impossible during the homestretch, reaching its goal with just over a week to go seems unlikely. However, if you'd like to throw your support behind the project, hit up the project's Kickstarter page.

Encryption is just one facet of securing yourself on line right? You can just as easily be monitored and cataloged through other various means. This is the first time I've heard of Global Network. Is that a direct competitor to Tor? Is it centralized? Off to google with my coffee...

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Ok this is almost nothing like the anonobox. First off Project Sierra isn't just hardware it is a subscription service that you must subscribe too! Not true for the anonobox. PSierra runs android while abox ran Tor, which would you trust more? (I do not trust in android security).

I still don't understand what was wrong with Anonobox not shipping with custom made hardware? I also don't care about updates as long as the feature set the device ships with works. PSierra isn't the solution most people are looking for.


i think the problem was that anonbox was a failure and just did not work as stated...

me... who cares? I dont care if big brother knows I searched for pc reviews, funny pics, and movies.. ;)


next thing ya know people will be using that VPN pirate bay has been sponsored by.

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by the way there is always this option!