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I am planing to buy a RAdeon 64 MB card, the questions are :

I have p2 350,256mb ram.

1.Which will be faster in high resolutions, geforce 2 64mb or radeon 64mb ?Which card is less CPU dependent?(i didnt see this benchmark in any of online tests so far )

2.Does radeon do that EMBM testing in 3d mark 2000 ?

3.Are demo tests (DMZG,Isle Of Morg, treemark, and other tests from like boxter,firetruck) compatibile with Radeon ?

thanks for your help

my card successful ran all tests in the 3d also runs most of the nvidia demos...I don't know if either card is really going to do much on a pII 350...I know the regular geforce ddr runs like crap on a p2 400...I'm running an 800 w/ my radeon and I play on 1600x1200 or 1280x1024...usually stick w/ 1024x768 when I'm the server...depending on what you have for a card now, might want to consider a spped upgrade b4 the card if you don't have enough for both
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Well, belive it or not, i have good old (very old) Ati rage II+ 4 MB SDRAM, 1x agp

Bought her three years ago, it had a lot of features among others these days

So i decided to buy Radeon 'cos it has more features than any other card on the market
I won't change it for min. 18 month.

Later this year i am going to buy probably Willamete 1,4 ghz..

So what do you think ?
yeah, i think the card would be a good investment then...will def make a difference on the current won't get really high res, but once you get that willamette you will be all set...on an 800 p3 I get really good performance w/ the 64 meg ddr version...going from what you have now to that card will be a shock to the system my friend...I have 3 machines w/ a ddr geforce, one w/ a voodoo 5500 and one w/ this radeon, and i can tell you now that the radeon is the best of them...
i have to agree... the radeon is too much for a p2 350. Problem is your hardware might not be compatible with the radeon... brand new hardware doesn't like to run with crappy system componants. but hey maybe itll work. itll definitely help if it does work.