What I would like to see what components you would need to make AMD machine that is not overclocked, nor can, but is no slouch either.


Not sure what you are asking?


There are TONS of AMD products... from CPU's to GPUs to RAM.. and even SSDs. If you want a middle of the road PC, you could save a lot of money by using AMD over intel... AMD cpu's cost less than intel and still have great performance. As far as overclocking, not sure why that matters, but you dont have to OC it.. although the FX cpu's auto OC i think.

AMD GPU's in my opinion are superior to nVidia. Typically more performance for the same price range as the competing nVidia GPU.



AMD does have a large selection of products. I absolutely agree. You can get much more performance, mid-range, with AMD over Intel and save a lot of money doing it. Overclocking can be done very well with either brand of product. I love AMD and have a full AMD build in mind for the end of next year.