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While Apple’s event, and its new iPads, was the center of attention yesterday, that did not deter Microsoft from looking to grab some of that attention for its Surface Pro 3. The company has released a new video on its YouTube channel touting that the Surface Pro 3 is “The most productive tablet on the planet.”

The video itself is a nice change of pace from the previous ads where Microsoft has pitted its tablet against Apple products. This time, the ad’s focus is solely on the Surface Pro 3, pointing out various features, and doesn’t resort to comparing it to other competitor’s products. In fact, we think the video looks classy, sleek, and professional though we are not a fan of the dubstep music being played in the background.

The 80 second video highlights the tablet’s various features such as its 12-inch full HD touchscreen, built-in Mini DisplayPort, built-in microSD card reader, Surface Pen, click-in keyboard, and multi-position kickstand. While those features are impressive, Microsoft is making a bold claim saying that its table is the most productive one out there.

However, Microsoft does appear to be fully committed to its Surface Pro 3 despite the rumors, which surfaced, saying that that the company would be discontinuing the product line. Shortly after the rumors appeared, the company denied them and encouraged businesses to “buy with confidence.”

So what do you think of the new Surface Pro 3 video?

If you consider it a Tablet, they maybe on to something, thing is, it's not and shouldn't be compared to other Tablets out there.

Try Pricing and things change quickly! How many Tegra/SnapDragon tablets can you get for the price of a i7 Surface Pro 3?


It is a tablet form factor so there for that statement is true. As a tablet it is the fast and most productive. Price is not a factor in this statement. Price has nothing to do with this at all.


I think this is Microsoft's finest advertisement. I guess it just comes naturally when you have a great product :P