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Invasion of privacy is a valid concern for everyone who goes online. But for those who wish to keep their online activity private, so that cable providers and government agencies are unable to see what is going on, there is Tor Browser. Tor encrypts a user’s online activities and makes it impossible for cable companies and government agencies, such as the FBI and NSA, to keep track of what you are doing.

However, the Tor Browser requires a bit of technical knowledge to implement, a barrier for many who might be seeking anonymity. Enter the Anonabox, which quickly surpassed its Kickstarter goal of $7,500. It is a plug-and-play, open source networking device that will run Tor, making it easy enough so that the average user will be able to anonymize their online activity.

The process to use it is very simple. All you have to do is plug the Anonabox into a router and then connect a PC or laptop to it via WiFi or Ethernet. Once that is done, the device will encrypt Internet usage without any configuration, login credentials, or registration.

Those wishing to secure an Anonabox can pledge $51 on its Kickstarter page and will receive it sometime in January 2015. At the time of this article’s publication, 5,642 people have backed the product and have pledged $358,049.

Will you be picking up an Anonabox when it is available for purchase?

Great! Now pedophiles and drug traffickers can remain anonymous with ease!

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Why wait when I can pick one up now!

I so want to order one on kickstarted. The price isn't high but it isn't what I want to pay for something I really don't (think I) need. I don't have a use for it today so I will be waiting until it is released.


def gonna buy


Too bad Tor is on the NSA watchlist..


Of course it is but all they can do is infiltrate it, can never get rid of it. And even then you better have 5 more layers before it.


... and users of household VPN's or any number of responsible security measures an individual should take online these days. The fact that a law-abiding citizen has to be afraid of being on some list speaks volumes about where our population and government stands today.

You do not need to be actively hiding something illegal (re: DanJ's comment above) to justify using something like Tor. This little product will make it more accessible to less tech savvy people. The more people using Tor, the more effective it is.


If they infiltrate it it has no difference than if I had layers alread and no tot