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Microsoft seems to be doing all it can to make sure that Windows 10 will do better than its current Windows 8 operating system. The developer has been busy with the Windows 10 preview, rolling out updates, and asking consumers to join its Windows Insider Program and the latter seems to be paying off.

According to Microsoft, the number of registrants for the program hit 1 million over the weekend. With such a large pool of testers, the company has received over 200,000 pieces of user feedback on the preview build of Windows 10 which means there is a lot of feedback to sift through.

“People on the team are hard at work poring through all the feedback, categorizing and processing it, and cycling it back into our development,” says Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore.

Additional statistics included the amount of users who installed the technical preview on Virtual Machines, which is 36 percent, while the remaining 64 percent installed it on actual PCs. The company also kept track of how often app-launches occurred with 68 percent of its testers launching apps around seven times per day or more. Meanwhile, 25 percent launched more than 26 apps per day with the remaining 5 percent launching 68 apps per day.

For those who are not part of the Windows Insiders program, or are not interested in joining, are still able to provide feedback and suggestions through the Windows Suggestion Box.

Belfiore also said that a new Windows 10 Technical Preview build is “coming soon” but provided no specific date.

OK so they've got beta testers.

But -- will they listen to the feedback?

This could be another Windows 8 disaster in the making!


Yes they will listen to feedback and clearly they have already.

I downloaded it and installed it to see what it was like, I like the UI changes. To be honest I like windows 8 and use it all all my tablets/laptops/Desktop/phone. The change to windows 10 was nice, as its still only an early release I would wait for a little more before running it as a main OS right now.


I'm using it too and I like what they've done so far. I have given feedback 3 times already.

It is the one and only OS on one of my PCs.

I built an i5-4670K, 16GB RAM, Dual SSD, M-ITX system to test it with. Everything is at stock speeds.

Feedback issues are the reason I (and many others) quit using Win-8, so I think that they're more than sensitive as to listening, this time around.


I have a spare xps laptop now so i;ll install it on that and try it out.


i'm considering putting it on a desktop of mine, or my dad's laptop as he can't stand windows 8.