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When Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk hinted last week at wanting to unveil the "D", along with "something else", it was a little difficult to gauge what either of those things would be. On the D front, it turns out that it refers to Tesla's new dual motor design, something that was actually widely speculated over the past week. This motor will be put into a new Model S called P85D, and with its all-wheel drive, it's able to go - get this - 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds.

As you'd expect, the P85D is going to bump Model S' price up nicely, to $120,000. Come February, two other all-wheel drive models will come out, 60D and 85D, which should satisfy those not wanting to break the $100,000 barrier.

Performance isn't the only perk that the P85D brings to the table, though; it has the ability to go an impressive 275 miles on a single charge. So, not only is this Tesla's most powerful car to date, and one that has the performance that rivals some supercars, it can also bring you quite a distance before you need to worry about recharging.

The "something else" referred to before is actually pretty major on its own: Autonomous driving support. According to Musk, Model S cars produced today will all support simple auto-driving features, such as being able to park by itself, recognize objects in the road, and even be able to turn on the A/C in advance of a trip. While this isn't totally autonomous, as in it can't drive you around without you paying attention, these are still some really cool features.

One thing I'm sure all Model S owners are wondering right now is: Can older models be retrofitted with these autonomous features? Let's hope so.


While my dream of owning such an economical car is on hold because of the price tag, I'm glad Tesla is breaking stereotypes and showing enthusiasts that you can get some real power from a fully electric vehicle. It will drive adoption and only be good for the masses in the long run. I'm a huge fan of Elon Musk's business mentality.

I wonder how fast the P85D charge drops at such very high speeds/acceleration though. I have to assume the 275m range is at a consistent and reasonable highway speed?


A Telsa goes for less than half that price.


I was not happy with the headline botch and Facebook isn't correcting our edit. :(


HAHA! Just takin' the piss. Cheers!


i love that one small company has blown away the big auto makers 10 fold. Chevy volt goes what.. like 40 miles / charge and 0-60 in like 12 seconds lol

They need to take some notes.



How about making a car that us middle class can afford.