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Apple iPhone 6 Plus Review: Is Bigger Better?When introducing the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple described it as the “biggest advancement in iPhone history.” Naturally, the use of “biggest” was quite intentional, a pun almost. Prior to 2014, Apple’s entire iPhone line had only ever had two screen sizes: 3.5-inch and 4-inch. Those sizes were perfectly acceptable in their day, but of late, the market has asked for more. More screen real estate, more pixels, more horsepower and more battery life. While Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia, Sony, and just about every other smartphone maker on the planet introduced larger and larger smartphones, Apple held steady. Samsung pushed the very limits of what we’d label a “phone” with its jumbo-sized Galaxy Note line, which has turned out to be anything but a fad. In fact, you could probably credit Samsung's trailblazing in the sector for pushing Apple to produce an iPhone with a 5.5-inch, 1080p display. And, as is typically the case when Apple releases a new product, the market has reacted. Apple sold 10 million of its iPhone 6 handsets in the opening weekend alone...

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Review: Is Bigger Better?


Apple finally got it right even though they are 2 years behind. What annoys me is people are acting like this is the first 5.5 inch phone ever. The only other thing I wish they would have done was make the phone as thick as the camera so that way it doesnt stick out and make the battery bigger. I also like that the phone is rounded now.


I feel you missed a not. Simply playing catch up with no real innovation or feature to set this phone apart from offerings android phones have had for the last year


Hmm... I see your point, though the A8 is a pretty darn strong chip, the fastest smartphone SoC out there currently.

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great review you guys! I wish there was a way for you guys to do a side by side comparison/review of the 6 and 6 plus! many of you know me as a regular here and that I know a lot about electronics and do my research. Unfortunately Apple got me! I ordered the ip6 because the 6 Plus is WAY WAY WAY too big to ever carry around outside of a briefcase or messenger bag! However I was unaware at the time the exact differences between the 2! I was unaware that I don't have slow motion, optical image stabilization, the ip6 can't rotate the home screen, and I am sure there are others! What happened to the distance/incline calculator in the camera!? I hate you apple.

Also I really feel you should put "lacking REAL NFC" in the "Not" column


It is the best iPhone since the iPhone 3. I still wouldn't pay $1000 for one out right when i can a phone with better specs for half the price.


Not sure about the NFC point here, sevags. If it just works, what's the diff?


the real NFC... meaning NFC is locked to apple pay. So its like it doesnt have it since you cant use it for anything else.


As far as the slowmo cam - BOTH phones have this ability, but only the + has the image stablization

landscape home should be on the 6... sadly.. its not


as far as the playing catch up.. .yeah they are. The thing is many apple users are loyal. So when they finally do something that everyone else has, the fans are excited because they havent had it yet. lol



Summary points "Not" should have included what was explained in the previous paragraphs:

No memory expansion, such as by flash cards.

Not mentioned in this "review":

Battery replacement is practically impossible, so after 2 years, its garbage.

NFC is not fully implemented: Apple Pay only.

USB (3?) can only be used with the supplied converter-cable.

USB accessories (mouse, externals, etc) may not be usable.

Apps ported from Android (Swiftkey, etc) are earlier versions.

Primary camera is only 8mp.

Only 1gb internal RAM (not 2 or 3 gb of its competitors)

Many internal parts are made by Samsung.

Much more expensive than comparable products on Microsoft & Andoid operating systems.

App developers are not allowed to provide powerful apps.


Apple clearly believes they have some sort of cash cow thing going with the fixed storage capacity, 3-teir pricing scheme, but how many potential buyers back out because of this? I do!

These smart-phones are powerful computers. I want an HDMI output or wireless video output to get the video onto a PC monitor or large-screen TV. I also want wireless mouse, keyboard and gamepad input. This has been a work-in-progress with Android for a few years and I suspect that Apple has yet to even begin. I found no mention of such things in this article, so that's a bad sign.

With the graphics performance of this device, it's even more of a shame that it's not ready to be a portable game console in addition to being a glorified phone and GPS device. What is a smartphone supposed to be? In my opinion , it should be as much as possible. Why have a powerful computer in your pocket do less when it can do more?



Apple iPhone 6 Plus have Nice features ...........

Its Battery Capacity is also very Good.

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