Good luck everyone!


So I just bought a third R9-280X OC GPU, and I'm wondering if I'm going to get the chance to run it with my other two 280X OC GPUs in Triple Crossfire? (does Tri_crossfire really work well?,.......never done that)

Waiting for an announcement as to who won these two awesome CPU/Motherboard combos!  Let it be me!


tri x-fire is terrible... but dont worry, I will take that 3rd gpu ;)


StaticFX wrote:

tri x-fire is terrible... but dont worry, I will take that 3rd gpu ;)

Thanks for the consideration, [:)] but I'll have to try it out for a while anyways!



This is getting spooky! The computer must have a ghost in it. I hope they will find the ghost soon. :)


Ha-Ha! That was Spooky Dave!

Marco C
We need to let you all know that we had to pick one new winner--one of the first winners was ineligible. So:

Mike Coyne - You are the new winner. :)

Please shoot me a note with your contact info (marco at hothardware dot come) and we'll get the prizes shipped out.

Congratulations Mike! I'm the other winner! Can't wait to put my new rig together. I can say I'm going to use a CoolerMaster HAF 932 case, AMD customized, more than that I won't give away until you guys see it! Happy thanksgiving to all my Friends here and a Merry Early Christmas too!

starwhite,Congrats to you on win the prize. I did found out about I did won the prize in my email. I was so excited about that. I will figure out what do with my prize. Guess we got a great day to win the cool prize.

Honestly I've never won anything in my life, I about dropped when I found out. This is great! I always come to Hot Hardware to read the stories, search prices on stuff, great site, nice folks. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. :angel7:

Sweet! Best AMD cpu available as of right now and a liquid cooler. I also like the black on black / grey on black motherboard. I never liked all the flashy colors on motherboards that makes it impossible to color match other parts / make the system all match. Mostly all black motherboard could go with any other color components you [censored]t.


Hey all! I've been assembling components on my end for the build. I did my homework on a new SSD, 256GB Samsung SSD 850 PRO Solid State Drive. It seems to be blazing fast & durable. Video card is going to be a Sapphire-HD-7970-3GB-GDDR5.Case is a cooler master HAF 932 AMD Edition! As soon as I get everything its a go go. I'll probably put Windows 7 Pro on it, although when Windows 10 is mature I will definitely snag a copy. Again I promise a full spread of pictures when I get the ball rolling for all my Friends here.

*Update* For memory I went with Kingston HyperX Beast 32 GB Kit (4x8 GB) 2400MHz DDR3.

Update: Today I just bought a power supply for my Monster. Its gonna be: Corsair Pro Series AX 1200W ATX. :smile: