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Dell XPS 18 Portable All-in-One: Haswell ReloadedWelcome to the era of dual-mode devices, where the mantra "bigger is better" rules the day. Need an example? Take smartphones -- Samsung's been serving up large size handsets for the past several years, some of which are so big that it warranted creating a brand new category. Even Apple jumped on the big device bandwagon with the recent launch of its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models.

Do you know what you end up with if you take that same mantra and apply it to PCs? You get "Dell's XPS 18 Portable All-in-One Desktop with Touch," a hybrid system that turns a giant sized Windows 8.1 tablet into a full blown desktop PC, and the result is brilliant...

Dell XPS 18 Portable All-in-One Review: Haswell Reloaded
Dell XPS 18 Portable AIO Stock


I love almost everything about this. It seems a little heavy to be used as a tablet and I wish the camera were better but this looks amazing.

Looks sleek to me 😛