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It seems as though whenever John Legere opens his mouth, it's a newsworthy occasion. The outspoken Chief Executive Officer of T-Mobile isn't known for pulling punches, though he's certainly prone to taking jabs at the competition, as he's done time and again. However, his latest tirade isn't against Sprint or any other wireless carrier, but the notion that Apple's iPhone 6 Plus suffers a design flaw that makes it prone to bending.

The whole bendgate thing? According to Legere, it's "horses***. I mean, come on, what the f*** did you need to see," Legere said while speaking at the GeekWire Summit when the topic turned to the iPhone 6 Plus.

John Legere

If there's a specific target to his latest tirade, it's Lou from Unbox Therapy. Lou, as you and 52 million other viewers may recall, posted a video of himself testing the pliability of the iPhone 6 Plus. In the video, you see Lou forcibly bending the iPhone 6 Plus with his thumbs to the point where it no longer bends back.

"The video of the guy that's doing this -- and if you could have seen his face, he probably would have been purple, the veins were coming out of his fingers," Legere said. "And the thing moves a little bit? Are you s***ting me? I mean, when was the last time you took any other....this is an amazing supercomputer in your hand. What the f*** are you putting in your pants and sitting on it for?"

 You can see Legere profanity laced defense of the iPhone 6 Plus below (it starts at about the 20 minute mark), just be warned that the audio is NOT SAFE FOR WORK:

According to Apple, only nine people have complained about their iPhone 6 Plus devices warping. As to those nine folks, Legere says "they need jeans that fit them a little better."

Of course he's defending apple, if he doesn't they'll pull their product. Ask him what he thinks off the record.


I used to like this guy for his brash, direct way of speaking the company message. Now, I just find him unprofessional and too interested in being a hipster to be credible.

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He sounds like he is too invested in the iPhone 6 plus for some reason. Why would he make these comments and even if he is going to it should have been much more tame. He sounds so worked up over it as if he designed the phone himself.


Definitely narcissistic. I've defended his candor in the past, but it comes with some trade-offs.

Regardless if he's pushing their product, the fact that only 9 people are reported to actually have had problems is encouraging. If it's true, it's unfortunate that Apple has to deal with the the PR fallout for something so viral.


if he wanted to look like a complete irrationally loyal iFanboy, he did a very good job. and the whole "ONLY 9 people reported it!" is BS. you really think only NINE people reported it? Probably more than 9 people reported their iPhones shot off in to space like a rocket and came back a unicorn. And even if it is just nine people, so? doesnt make it not an issue, and doesnt mean those were the only people to have the issue.


He's selling them, so he's defending them. I'm sure that they're fine as long as you buy a titanium case for them,.........


I wonder how long its going to take for the headline to stop talking about how the speech is profanity laced, and we just assume that it's profanity laced.


they give fruit a bad name


With Legere you really have to kind of self edit what he talks about between the salesman and the real but he puts more real out there than any of the others by far though.


About the iPhone's though it would seem to me in physics of a device and materials versus length the bending is going to happen to a degree the thing is they used machines to actually do it or your really have to strain and push it hard to do it. A device especially of the longer variety does not go in your back pocket period though.

Much like he said you're carrying a miniature super computer in your pocket. The smartphones we have now are stronger by far than a desktop 10 years or less ago really and it's not made of iron. If it was Iron or steel everyone would be whining about it being too heavy in aluminum it has some flexibility so we whine about that I think we are all drama [censored]ns as a society now whining about everything now anyway.

Yes; some of it is valid but someone whines about everything, no matter what you get in return and or what the issue was with the last device that they fixed with the new one. Do not get me wrong here I don't use Apple and don't really like them because of there proprietary way of doing business which went out with 95% of all other OEMS 15 years ago in computers and technology. However I cannot stop a company from selling to people who believe the junk they spew at them.


As a note I had a customer yesterday telling me he was going to buy a used Apple and some replacement parts and have me fix it for him.

It took me six hours and roughly 15 text messages (I was at my daughters chorus performance and then dinner with the extended family) back and forth to explain it to him and get him to understand and accept what I was saying about that being impossible to do really unless you get a device and parts that match in date release device etc.

So he does not have to sell to the Apple users of which I have family members that have devices in that walled garden I try to tell them it is not the best idea and that they are influenced in what they can do etc.. This consumer group just has it on a new carrier now so expansion for the greater market is good.