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Custom large-format displays are nothing new, but if the latest rumor out of Google proves true, a very compelling solution could be coming. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google X, the company's hardware-focused laboratory, is working on a tiled display system that would allow you to stack and orientate individual displays to create whatever shape you want, like the Christie model seen below.

If you look really closely, though, you'll notice seams running through the display. Users might be able to put up with bezels at home, but when the goal is to make the entire display look as one, any seams are less-than-ideal. That's apparently a problem Google is working on, though. It wants to make sure that regardless of how you stack these tiled displays, they'll be completely seamless.

To help make this possible, Google's supposedly snatched some engineers from Qualcomm and Samsung. There's absolutely no word on when we might see a finished product trickle out of Google; it could be months, or it could be years. One thing's for certain, though, if Google's solution lives up to the promises of a seamless implementation, it's going to be a winner.


Even with a slight seam, I could see setting these up on a corner desk and having it look awesome!


Pretty cool. I was just having a discussion about how people flip out over a dead pixel but don't seem to mind having a double bezel where two monitors meet. I usually run independent apps on each screen so a seam has never really been an issue for me. However, I look forward to the day when screens are no more than flexible substrates that you can roll up or hang wherever you want. Maybe by then you'll be able to go buy your monitor by-the-foot!


"monitor by-the-foot!"

Sounds good to me,.......a few 40" curved screens would do the trick for me.


I hope it gets here soon. I work in A/V and recently we had to lug a very heavy 130" screen up 13 flights of stairs because the elevator was not large enough for the screen to fit inside. Even at home where getting large screen TV's into a narrow stairwell can be difficult, the tiled TV Screen would let anyone build a massive screen on the wall.

I'm optimistic about this idea making it to market as there is already a similar solution out there. Outdoor LED digital signage is build on the same idea, they just don't have the pixel density that a home display requires.


impressive, can save money and upgrade my TV to a bigger TV as time goes on instead of buying a new one if i want it to be bigger.


Finally! Its about time someone with the resources took the reigns on this