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It should be common sense by now that you shouldn’t text and drive. Currently, 44 states in the U. S. have banned the practice and now police may be able to enforce the government’s harsh stance on texting and driving with a radar gun that will be able to tell if a driver is texting or not.

The radar gun-like device is being developed by a company based in Virginia called ComSonics. ComSonics calibration service manager, who spoke to The Virginian-Pilot, explained that the device will detect the distinct radio frequencies that will emanate from a vehicle as someone uses their smartphone. When it comes to texting, making a phone call, or even a data transfer will emit various frequencies that are distinguishable from each other.

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Detecting these frequencies is what ComSonics is focusing on in order to make a viable tool for law enforcement to use. It’s a method that cable repairmen employ when trying to locate where a cable is damaged. But while the device will be able to tell a police officer if someone is texting while driving, it will not be able to decrypt any information being transmitted.

The device, according to McIntyre, is “close to production” but has some legal issues to resolve as the company is waiting for legislative approval and adoption by law enforcement.  

However, we have one question. How will a policeman know if someone is texting and driving if they have a passenger in the car who is also texting?

Pancake Effect

Yeh you make a good point in regards to the passenger. And people like me, I use my phone for a GPS. Am I going to get pulled over for using GPS?

Technology like this shouldn't reach will be abused. They can simply drive next or behind them and see if they have a cell phone in their hand as a alternative. Sounds like a waste of tax payer money, and is not accurate enough.

Maybe they should spend more time working on real crimes. A family member of mine was murdered a few months ago...did you know that they didn't even file a police report for it?????! We have to hire a private investigator because police simply don't do their job and are worrying about small crap like this...all while the police are the biggest abusers of speeding and texting and driving.


Yeah, I can definitely see the tech being abused as well.

Sorry about the loss of your family member. That's is pretty crummy that you have to hire a private investigator. What the hell?

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Agree with pancake....

The Breathalizer gun I understand to a point because in that situation even if a passenger is the one drunk usually people don't drink alone. With phones however just because a passenger is using theirs doesn't mean the driver is. Overall though I can't see this tech working here in Los Angeles. There are SO many cars here, SO many cellphones, I doubt that could accurately use it with all the digital noise present. This is more for an empty low traffic highway and for singling out drivers with no passengers and even then there are too many factors to consider.

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What about receiving text messages? Or auto replies? Or in car speech to text systems? There are so many reason a phone can transmit sms data.


I'm skeptical too. I can't see it holding up to the legal process either, if someone is flagged for it with one of these devices. Too many variables to factor in to cause reasonable doubt. However, the technology is advancing such that a day will likely come that you simply can't do it.


It wasn't me texting officer, it was my invisible Rabbit, Harvey.


Nice technology. It's easily find out the motorists texting while driving.