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Whether it's because consumers simply didn't take to Windows 8 the way Microsoft hoped or because there's a genuine like for Chrome OS, Chromebooks have grown to become super popular, especially among students who need a cheap, basic machine for surfing the web. In a way, Chromebooks are the modern day netbooks, and they're about to get a whole lot more functional with the addition of select Android apps.

"Chromebooks were designed to keep up with you on the go—they’re thin and light, have long battery lives, resume instantly, and are easy to use. Today, we're making Chromebooks even more mobile by bringing the first set of Android apps to Chrome OS," Google stated in a blog post.

Chrome Web Store

The availability of select Android apps on Chrome OS is the result of a project called the App Runtime for Chrome (Beta), which Google announced this past summer at Google I/O. It's just four apps that we're talking about here, though it's a start. And who knows, by this time next year, there may be hundreds of Android apps available on Chrome OS.

For now, they include Duolingo, Evernote, Sight Words, and Vine, all of which you can find in the Chrome web store. It's a rather sparse mix, though it's another step towards establishing dominance in the low-end laptop market. In addition, Google is fielding suggestions for other Android apps you'd like to see added to Chrome OS.

Chromebooks just got a WHOLE lot more attractive.


Amen! I was just talking with the NVIDIA guys about this last night. With the new Tegra K1 powered Chromebook this could be very cool.


The market seems to go where it wants to, regardless of what some corporations want to make of it.

I may look into one of these new Tegra K1 powered Chromebooks. (once they're available)


I am still yet to meet or see anyone with a Chromebook. Which the $199-$299 windows laptops coming out I wouldnt be buying a Chromebook, but thats just me.