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Intel Core M Broadwell Architecture PreviewIntel's next-generation Broadwell Y (now known as the Core M processor) is set to ship on schedule for the end of the year. The company, occasionally flagged with criticism of its repeated delays and with its IDF show ramping up next week, is sharing more detail on the upcoming hardware, features and performance characteristics of its new 14nm mobile platform. We've previously offered up a 14nm deep-dive on how Broadwell Y came to be from a design, process and manufacturing standpoint. Today, we'll look more closely at how the new Core M processor's feature list, how it will be productized and some high level performance expectations as well...

Intel Core M Broadwell Speeds, Feeds And Performance

Hikkle tom

Sounds good to me.


Death of the notebook computer? My notebooks killed my desktop pcs.

With off-line drives, storage, wifi to fit the tablet pcs, I'm looking to soon replacing my Dell XPS-15 notebook with it[censored]ard SSD, 16gb DDR3, 1tb HDD, Bluray drive, USB3, Bluetooth, HDMI, etc. The replacement tablet pc will be half the weight, and at least double the battery life.