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It goes without saying that Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 is the best Surface it's ever created. It righted some of the wrongs of the previous generation, and is simply a drool-worthy tablet / laptop. It's no secret that Microsoft knew that it had a winner on its hands, as it's been pushing the Surface brand hard since its release.

Earlier this month, we saw some major proof of this come in the form of NFL sponsorship. Beginning with this year's NFL pre-season, and lasting at least five years, each team will have 25 Surface Pro tablets on-hand to help them better handle their strategies. That's big, and probably means some bigger things for Surface. But that said, Microsoft wasn't about to end August without another big piece of news: Surface Pro 3 is currently being sold in 28 markets around the world.

In addition to this news, Microsoft has a couple of fun facts to share, coming to us in the form of an info chart. With a survey involving 2,900 people across Asia Pacific markets, it was found that 1 in 2 professionals are constantly mobile, and that 79% of them had multiple devices (smartphone, tablets, notebooks, et cetera). 41% of people carry around both a tablet and laptop because one is good for some things, and the other is good for other things. That's of course something a Surface Pro 3 hybrid can help out with. Further, 30% of people said that they were planning to purchase a hybrid device in the next year - a number that actually outpaced notebooks by 3%.

It probably comes as a surprise to no one, but the future really is good for hybrids, and Microsoft is going to have to make sure that the success of its Surface Pro 3 isn't a one-off.


Wasn't the high-end Surface Pro 3 with an i7 processor suffering from major overheating problems? Have they been able to remedy that issue or am I confusing this info with an older model? The i3 and i5's looked great though!


I saw one at the store last night, the screen looks so clear and its so dam thin. Very impressive... I so want one.