This really couldn't have been more timely.  I have spent most of this weekend troubleshooting some issue (which I believe is hardware related) that is causing my computer to lock up.  It's happened five times today.  No bsod, no leads in event viewer, I'm not even sure where to start.  It freezes and only a hard restart gets it going again.  From the little hints I've read, maybe it's hard drive related? Temperatures seem fine for my CPU and it happens under light or heavy load.  Malware scans show nothing.  I'm on hour 3 of check disk with that much more to go before it finishes.  Crossing my fingers its something that can be fixed that easily for now.

I just can't thank HH enough for the opportunity and the win!


Sounds like HotHardware chose the right person! Glad you don't have to suffer through trying to remove the issues from your computer, as I know it is a pain to try to remove viruses or fix problems on a PC. 


It's definitely a pain.  I usually don't mind a whole lot simply because getting into these sorts of issues is the best way to really learn about your computer and OS.  The pain comes when I have NO idea where to start.  Checkdisk didn't reveal any issues : /  I'm not going to completely scrap this machine so I'd still like to figure this one out.


For sure, sometimes even the internet can't help you. *Gasp* Good luck on fixing it.


This is late, but congrats Ben!


For the archives : )

My overly-dramatic thank you!

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