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There was never any doubt that Bungie's Destiny was going to be anything other than a major hit, but some proof of that has trickled out today: The game has become GameStop's most pre-ordered new IP in history. To celebrate this milestone, and also to help kick off Gamescom 2014, a competitive multiplayer trailer has been released, seen below.

The trailer highlights a number of different competitive multiplayer modes, with something sure to suit your playstyle (assuming you like player-versus-player combat, of course). The game's version of Deathmatch is called Rumble, while Team Deathmatch is called Clash. Neither of these modes include vehicles from what I can tell; for that, the Combined Arms mode will be needed, which is team-based only.

Other modes include Skirmish, which is based around small teams and the ability to revive your downed mates. Control is another standard mode, and as it sounds, you'll have to work as a team to dominate control zones. The most interesting mode of them all is Salvage, which is like Skirmish, but with the added mechanic of salvaging relics.

As has become commonplace with competitive multiplayer games, Destiny will allow players to work towards earning "epic" gear. It seems that this gear won't be limited to competitive modes, either, "As you engage in multiplayer combat, victory will earn you special armor, weapons, and gear that you can take with you into every single mode of play."

Destiny is quickly shaping up to be one of the biggest console releases in recent memory, and it's the sort of game that might actually make more folks buy the newer consoles - something I'm sure Sony and Microsoft appreciate very much. At release, I'll have to sit idly by as a PC gamer, envious of those tearing it up in Destiny's very cool universe. 


I have per-ordered it, i played the bata just for about an hour to get a fell for it. I didn't want to spoil it.


This, right here is the reason I have an Xbox one. :') I love you Bungie.


Hey, @MADSKILLZ412: It frankly doesn't make sense for them to have the game exclusive on either console.

One may argue it made sense for them to postpone a PC version for the following reasons:

- The lifecycle of the product being able to stay at $60 (which many PC gamers refuse to pay on principle because most believe games bought digitally should be cheaper by the way) and expectations of how long the game can last without being sold for less are much shorter than what console gamers

- The console makers are willing to pay them to fund the profitability of the game to offset huge costs for marketing otherwise.

- PC gamers are "getting used to" being rewarded for their patience on game developers making most of a closed platform than the far more open ones in the PC gaming market.

- It's cannibalize their console sales, which they don't want because of how much more money they can gain from each console buyer than a PC gamer  if it's a game with very high demand.

Since PCs definitely outclass the current consoles, people would hold off paying for the console version of the game that has much higher profit margins for them to gain. If you're on this site, I'm sure you, I, and a majority of PC gamers are both likely to *never* buy the console version of a FPS when you can buy it for PC unless most of your friends are playing the game on a particular console—a reasonable amount of us would just wait for a Steam sale. 

I'd be *very* shocked to not see a PC version of this unless the profits from Sony + Microsoft + profit margins of the game staying at $60 from console players buying the game for a long period of time is too good to pass up. 

The fact it's the most preordered game in history for a lot of retailers now, makes that a much lower probability. 




I completely agree. When this comes out for PC at a later date for a lower price I will definitely pick it up as well. Sometimes I regret buying an Xbox one, but since I have one, and honestly there are barely any games out for it yet. I might as well buy Destiny when it comes out. In regards to Bungie keeping it console exclusive what you said is spot on. The lead producer of destiny (I forgot his name) said in an interview that it is "Very likely" that Destiny will be coming to PC in the near future. I have absolutely no doubt that it will be coming to PC and I'm incredibly excited for it. You really can't compare consoles to PC accurately, since they are such different experiences. I know there are pro gamers... Mainly in COD, but when you think about it consoles are more designed for casual players. It is impossible to have the same precise controls that PC gaming provides with an Xbox gamepad, it just can't be done. PC also allows you to play the way you want. You can customize the control layout for the keyboard, fine tune the graphical settings to your needs and much more. Obviously, consoles have advantages of their own. After a long day of work it's nice to lay down in your bed and pick up a controller, rather than slouch over and use a keyboard and mouse. I prefer PC by a longshot, but I have some great memories of playing on past consoles. I'm strongly against preordering, but I got my hands on a beta code and the game was incredible. I may wait for the PC version to come out, but Destiny is an incredible experience either way. :P