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When it comes to in-home televisions, two things are blossoming: 4K and curved displays. So, why not combine the two? That's exactly what Sony has done with its new 4K Bravia S90 HDTV, which is a stunning work of art that just so happens to showcase ultra high-definition content in its native resolution. The set is being teased in the run-up to IFA, which is essentially a CES-level trade show happening next month in Berlin.

The Bravia S90 will ship in 65-inch and 75-inch sizes, and each one is beautifully curved. The usual bells and whistles are here, including a Trilumios Display, X-tended Dynamic Range, and an X-Reality Pro engine that'll upscale all inputs to 4K. There's also an all-new 4.2-channel multi-angle live speaker system, and if you need a bit more low end, there's an optional wireless subwoofer to boot.

You'll also get live video chatting over Skype, one-touch mirroring, and one can only assume a very, very snazzy remote. We should learn more about a release date and pricing once IFA gets going in earnest. 

Wow... That looks incredible. Wouldn't mind having one of those, but what's the price point?


Flexible and non-flat displays are awesome.  Samsung's Galaxy Round is another cool application and now there is rumor of phones with wrap-around screens and foldable views (think wallet). We're going to start seeing these sorts of flexible displays in wearables more and more often too.

Right now there is a threshold as far as usability goes when it comes to increased screen sizes. Eventually it becomes too [censored]bersome to use one-handed.  I suppose the same goes for a TV too.  Eventually you just can't or don't want to fit a LARGER screen on the wall, but coming up with a way to get more screen real-estate without going bigger is very clever. I look forward to seeing how this synergizes with future VR and experiments in head tracking as well.  It could be VERY immersive.

Bring me that IMAX experience as soon as possible!  Eventually we'll just pull your TV screen down like the blinds on your window or a projection screen!