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It feels like we've been anticipating Apple's forthcoming iPhone models since the last ones were released. According to the Wall Street Journal, though, we're not going to have that much more of a wait: Apple is expected to hold a press event on Tuesday, September 9th. It's not clear at this point if invitations have begun to go out, but we're sure it will be held in San Francisco, as historically has been the case.

While Apple has done well to avoid caving-in and release larger smartphone models, as its competitors have for quite some time, the iPhone 6 - or whatever it's going to be called - is widely believed to break tradition. Both the iPhone 5s and 5c feature 4-inch diagonal screens, whereas the iPhone 6 will likely be offered in both 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch variants.

The current iPhone 5s

As seemingly simple as smartphone sizes are, it seems likely that the screen-boost alone is going to cause many last-gen and older iPhone owners to feel the upgrade pull. As for features and internal hardware? We're not quite sure of what to expect there, though it wouldn't be surprising if an updated SoC was introduced, even if it's just a minor update to the Apple A7. Perhaps also, this could be the generation where we'll finally see an iPhone ship with 2GB of RAM.

One thing we're sure of: This upcoming iPhone will ship with iOS 8, and we're sure Apple will have a couple of surprises in store for us. Until then, let the speculation roll.


I heard the Iphone 6 is supposed to be huge, correct me if I'm wrong. Pretty cool, though just a month away.

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I heard the iPhone 6 is going to have a smaller 3.5" screen so it can be the first phone with an 8k resolution. :)


I don't think we'll see a "huge" device from Apple. 4.7-inch and 5-inch, maybe but definitely an upgrade over the current gen, display-wise, is well in order.


1) its about freaking time! 

2) its rumored that the 4.7" will release first, then in oct, the 5.5"... 


Im tired of the tiny size of my 4s.. and if I look at the new 6 and it still sucks (seems to small) I will switch to windows phone


If you want it to be bigger wait for the 5.5". That should be more than big enough. It would be cool to have a windows phone too purely because of the Cortana thing. xD


I find it funny that apple sold the most iphones last quarter however they dropped in global market share to 11.9%. As it is now Android is now 84.9% of the market and windows is only 2.9%.

The difference from android to apple is 73%

The difference from windows phone to iphone is 9%

The difference from android to windows is 82%

Thinking now massive iphone presences is in AUS and USA its rather small globally. On top of that considering how small and late to the party windows phone is its only 9% behind apple.

I for one dont have an apple phone anymore I had the Iphone 3 and upgrade to a bigger phone. The screen size of the apples i find far too small, also i find the os to restrictive to work with my other devices. With the big price tag of the new models it still does not appeal to me.


That actually surprises me. A majority of the people I know own an Iphone.


In the USA and AUS they are about about 45%, however on a global scale they are 11.9%. Yes I was rather surprised too. Lots of my family members use Iphone too, however all the kids play on my wife Samsung galaxy 4 because they love the screen.