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When Satya Nadella displaced Steve Ballmer as the CEO of Microsoft, I was a bit unsure of what the future would bring. The outlook seemed good, but there was much work to be done in reversing some trends that obviously needed reversing. At this point though, I feel far more confident in the future of the company than I have in quite a while. It's truly unfortunate that Microsoft has to cull a substantial part of its workforce, but that slimming-down, along with the company's renewed vigor and focus, could pay off handsomely for the company.

Over the past couple of months, we've seen the company release some truly interesting products, and also announcing some important news. We've pretty well established that Window RT will be no more when Windows 9 ships, and with the Surface Pro 3 having been well-received so far, it's no surprise. With this particular product, Microsoft has renewed the faith of many - I personally consider it to be an outstanding piece of hardware.

No one understands that better than Microsoft though, and it's keen to make sure the rest of the world knows it, too. On Sunday, we learned of a $400 million partnership between the NFL and Microsoft that gets 25 Sufarce Pro 3 units on the field per team. During Sunday night's Hall of Fame match-up between the New York Giants and Buffalo Bills, the commentators took many opportunities to talk about it. It's a major deal to have that kind of technology on the field, and the exposure it's going to bring Microsoft is immense.

Given the momentum Surface has at the moment, it's no surprise that Microsoft wants to keep it going. Today, we learn of discounts that the company's offering students and educators: At least $150 off any model in the Surface Pro 3 range. Those wanting to get in on the deal need to act fast, though, as Microsoft's promotion will expire on September 3.

With the student discount, the least-expensive Surface Pro 3 model comes in at $699 (from $849); that model includes 64GB of SSD storage along with an Intel Core i3 processor. Those wanting a bit more oomph can upgrade to the $1,149 model which doubles the storage and uses an Intel Core i5 model. The top-of-the-ladder model, equipped with 512GB of SSD storage and an Intel Core i7 processor retails for $1,799, which is a $200 discount.

This to me is another great move by the company, because with Surface getting some major airtime during NFL pre-season match-ups this month, many are going to suddenly have Surface on the mind, and for students, that $150 discount could look mighty tasty.


If I were to look into any of those it would be the one with the 64 gigs and an i3. The others seem pretty overpriced. There's also plenty of 2 in 1 alternatives... Great find HH.


the i5 would be more then enough for most ppl.


True, but it's still a bit pricey even with the discount. :/


Yeah I was struggling to comprehend who would utilize an i7 and up to 8GB!! of RAM on a tablet. My desktop (while old and out of date) runs on 4GB of DDR2 RAM and an AMD Phenom II X4 830. I can't play all the games I'd like nor design in two Adobe apps at once without the system really choking, but it soldiers on. The high-end surface 3 seems very capable by comparison!

Microsoft's website touts gaming as one of the possibilities and they show a screenshot of Halo Spartan Assault on the screen. However, leisure aside I suppose their are plenty of businesses that might need the raw number crunching power available in the higher-end model and that has always been a significant portion of Microsoft's audience.


It may be able to handle spartan assault, but there are MANY gaming laptops out there for cheaper that can play BF4,Watch Dogs, Metro, Crysis 3, etc. I don't see myself buying one of those instead of something cheaper and more powerful.


I have to say as much as i love the surface, i still prefer my computer. I have a computer at home and work just like pretty much everyone else. I can play games and read emails on my phone however i dont like looking at websites on my phone. Im not sure i will buy the surface 3 as I would like to go back to a laptop. Its the keyboard part. I like holding it by the keyboard when i move it and it just sits better on the lap.

Would i get a tablet anymore.... I'm not really sure i would, its kind of lost fade. I see the Samsung 7-8" tablets and think i would rather have one of those but not sure what i would do on it. Between my phone and computer and xbox i guess i just cant see that real need for tablets anymore the fade has just gone for me.


Joel's relevant followup on the tablet's problems only a day later:

Overheating on the high-end versions, "...the core i3 is looking like the only system that can reasonably handle its own
heat output -- and that means, unless you've got relatively modest
needs, it's not going to be sufficient"