[EDIT]: Baaah, I just noticed the "Your Feedback & Ideas..." board.  I've posted this in the wrong place : (  Feel free to move or delete.  My bad.


Hey Guys,

While this isn't a typical request for a hardware review I just want to throw this out there as relatively new viewer on this very informational site.  These few things really make it painful to browse regularly for more than a minute or two.  Perhaps others share the sentiment.  I just wanted to leave some feedback:

  • The auto-refresh is highly annoying.  I'm sure this has to do with ad-revenue or something, but it definitely discourages me from leaving the tab open or browsing for long periods of time.
  • Drawn out page loading.  While your content loads fairly quick, the page continues to load junk in the background for a good 5 seconds, making quick navigating and scanning difficult.  Often times I'll want to check on the discussion at the bottom of the page and I have to wait just to scroll or I'll try to scan an article and the scrolling is very choppy.
  • The commenting system is slow and requires a full page load which then sends you back to the top of the page.  No AJAX? No anchoring?  VERY annoying if you enjoy reading all the feedback on an article.  Would be awesome if the comments could load separately from the whole page (especially given my 2nd point above) or at the very least redirect back to the comments section after the load.

All fairly minor things.  Maybe I'm impatient, but it definitely slows and degrades my experience here.  Really dig the reviews and articles here, just wanted to offer up my experience in this regard.


1) I dont get an auto refresh?

2) I do notice the lag in load sometimes

3) There has been mention of new forum software coming at some point :)


Turn your ad-block software off and see what it's like.  It really is a mess.