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Google’s acquisition of Twitch, the increasingly popular video game broadcaster, is complete. The deal was first announced back in May, and Google has signed the all-cash offer of a billion dollars. Suddenly, the YouTube juggernaut is even more powerful and expansive.

According to VentureBeat’s sources familiar with the matter, the exact price is unknown but Twitch’s early investors are pleased with the manifold return on investment they’re now enjoying.


Twitch has some exciting days ahead. Amid acquisition talks, the company announced plans to build a studio in San Francisco where their top-notch contributors can produce high-end content and new talent can develop their abilities as streamers.

Twitch has some 45 million visitors each month, and it’s been steadily rolling out new features such as Twitch Live Annotations on YouTube.

It would be really cool to see more gaming competitions readily available to watch. Interested to see where Google goes with this.


Great. Now we will be bombarded with even more bull[censored]ad content.


how dare you have to simply have a ad on a page to get FREE content? you should totally stop giving them your money , not like twitch has a shitload of ads already . You should totally stop using their services and show em they cant get your money....o wait


Well crap. How many days before "accountname not supported. Please login using your Google+ account or click here to create a Google+ profile because if we dont buy all the internet and remove your old accounts you'll never make a G+ on your own" >.>


RIP Twitch.. people selling out but I do understand why


I know everyone hates on big companies buying smaller ones (Facebook with Oculus, for example), but I can't help but agree with Boogie2988 about this. Obviously there are going to be negatives, but there will definitely be positives too.


I don't like what Google touches. YouTube used to be pretty good back in the day. But now, Google forces so many poor updates on us that we have to get used to. I'm pretty sure they're going to do the same to Twitch.


^ unless Google touches me 😉     jk

Or Google Fiber.


It's true though. Twitch won't be what I frequent and if someone uses it, I'll avoid watching it.


I always take the wait and see approach before crying about a merger like this. Too easy to get riled up. Will be interesting though.


I just hope they'll fix the Twitch app, right now I can't even watch streams on it as it just shows a black screen.


I hope this buy by Google doesn't change the way Twitch runs. I wish that Google won't take anything away but add on new and better features to better Twitch.


Another service to try to force me into using Google+? Great.

Props to Twitch though. I remember the good old days when there was nothing more than They've definitely made it big, especially recently. Hopefully this doesn't lessen the experience for the viewers and streamers.


Great another Steam type entity. How many do we need and what will happen when one of them fails? I bought Far Cry on GameSpy and that is toast, and I tried Orical and that sucked. Everyone  is now using this to make sure that there games are not pirated but it pirating still happens. Lastly this is from Google and Google loves to spy. This would suck just do to that. Just image more ads based on your gaming choices. I wonder what Google will tell the NSA spies. Will you end up on some watch list because you played to many violent games or games that were anti government? Younger people be prepared for ads that tell you to join the military if you play to many hours of Call of Duty. :)