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You've probably heard analysts talk about the so-called post-PC era, which is really an overreaction to the tablet and smartphone craze that's taken place in the past couple of years. In reality, hundreds of millions of PCs are still sold each and every year, and when it comes to mobile, there's still a high demand for full functional laptops. Just ask Dell, which is aiming to ship 30 million laptops in 2015.

Shipping 30 million notebooks would represent a 40 percent jump in shipments, which shows how serious Dell is about the category. It would also put Dell within striking distance of Lenovo and Hewlett-Packard, the world's number one and two PC suppliers, respectively, in terms of market share (Dell is in third place). Both Lenovo and HP are expected to ship around 32 million to 35 million laptops next year.

Dell Laptop

There's good reason to believe Dell will hit its goal. Now that Microsoft has finally retired Windows XP, the OEM system builder is seeing increased demand from its enterprise customers. In addition, Dell is seeing a spike in sales from its gaming notebook business, including its Alienware division.

As for this year, Dell is on pace to ship 20 million to 21.3 million notebooks. It's not clear if that figure includes strictly notebook systems or 2-in-1 hybrid devices that function both as a notebook and a tablet.

I definitely don't think we are anywhere close to the "post pc era" however I don't see a need for laptops anymore. If I want a portable device I use my phone or tablet. If I want a fully functional computing experience I use my self-built desktop. Who wants a laptop anymore?


At work I love my ThinkPad T430. It's plenty fast and small enough to be portable. Outside of work though I would never give up my desktop. My personal laptop is an ancient 12 year old Vaio that I barely use because I have very little need to be portable at home. When I'm on the go I just use my phone albeit rarely. I have no need for a tablet and would rather spend the money on upgrading my desktop.


When it comes to business and everyday use, sure I see the tablet and other mobile tech taking off; however, for us gamers, we need our desktop PCs. I don't see Tablets filling that void that we need for high-end gaming PC. There's only so much you can put into a Tablet before it becomes huge hassle to use portably. If anything, we these huge HDDs (8TB) and Nvidia vs AMD for the best consumer graphics cards, I think Desktop PC has a huge future in front of it.


I see your point, but as a programmer, I need a laptop. Being able to do all of my development on a single machine is too convenient. That being said, a tablet would never really be able to fill the need of running my development environment. For gaming, I do use my custom built computer, so I do see eye to eye on that point.


There is most definitely still a market for laptops. I just don't think dell realizes that said market isn't as big as it used to be. I don't think there's demand for 30 million dell laptops.


I want to buy a DEll Notebook. Total cost including shipping cost should need.