As an owner of the Roccat XTD Kone, I thought I'd share the love and let you guys know about the Optical version being released. It's out in Europe and Asia now but won't arrive until the end of August for us in North America.

Here's a copy-pasta from the email I received from Roccat:

The legendary Kone XTD goes optical: the special edition mouse adds a 6400 DPI Pro-Optic (R5) optical sensor to the Kone XTD’s performance suite. The ultra-precise sensor guarantees staggeringly accurate tracking thanks to its Adjustable Distance Control Unit (ADCU). With only a limited number produced, the mouse boasts critically acclaimed Kone XTD features such as Easy-Shift[+]™, a blisteringly fast 32-bit


Turbo Core V2 ARM MCU processor, and 576kb on-board memory for rapid macro storage and execution at hardware level. Matching the mouse’s impressive under-the-hood technology is the sleek yet robust design Kone users have come to expect.



On a side note/question, what is your preferred mouse to use? I'm trying to gauge if I'll wait for the Roccat XTD Kone Optical or go for something like a Logitech G502 core. I've been wanting a mouse with an amazing sensor.

I've been checking out this list for reference: 



Looks like a cool mouse. Any word on how much it'll cost?